Fire Storm 2016 | June 7, 2016 – PM Updates

Updated  2130 Hours PDT

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Department of Forestry – AK State Forestry  NEW!

#Aropuk Lake – 36 mi E of Newtok.

Unknown Fire start or resources.  Currently, 1,769 acres burning. 0% containment.

Galena Zone  NEW!

#Kuyukutuk River – 12 mi NW of Kako.

Unknown fire start date or cause.  3200 acres.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering timber.  0% containment.

Resources:  23 Personnel.  1 Crew. 2 Helicopters.

Cost-to-Date:  $1 Million.


AZ State Forestry (AzSF)

#LongviewFire – Elgin. 

Started 6/6/2016 @ midnight.  Started on Longview Loop in Elgin.  Cause is unknown and under investigation.  1,010 acres. 90% contained.  Burning grass.

Fire is under command of Sonoita-Elgin Fire District (in their district). 25 personnel assigned to this incident.   Resource types:  2 type 1 crews, multiple engines (structural and wildland), 1 VLAT, 1 heavy airtanker, misc. overhead.

#ReservoirFire – Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Started on 6/6/2016 @ 0805 Hours.  Cause is unknown and under investigation.  Fire fuels include grass and ponderosa pine. 138 acres. 30% contained.  Earlier today there was (80) acres private land and (20) USFS land consumed.

Planned Activities: Hold fire line (constructed and natural barriers) through next operational period.

Resources include:  (4) engines, (3) water tankers, (1) bulldozer, (2 Hot Shot crews, (1) Air Attack operations.

Reservoir Fire 6/6/2016 Photo courtesy of Wes Hall, Coconino National Forest

Reservoir Fire 6/6/2016 Photo courtesy of Wes Hall, Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest (CNF)

#JackFire – About 14 mi N of Clints Well on the E side of Lake Mary Road, along FS Rds 294 and 294C.

Start 5/21/2016.  Lightning caused.  8,358 acres.   Fire behavior is still active.  This lightning-caused wildfire is being managed for multiple benefits and objectives.

148 Personnel including:  (3) Type 1 Crews, (7) engines, (1) Dozer, and various specialists.

#MormonFire –  6 mi E of Munds Park near Mormon Mountain.

Started 5/15/2016.  Lightning caused. 7892 acres. 75% contained.

Resources assigned:  1-Type 3 Helicopter, 2-Type 1 crews (Plumas and Sacramento), 1-Type 2 crew (Coconino Fuels), 1-Type 3 engine, 3-Type 6 engines, 1-dozer, 1-water tender, and 35 other personnel.

Kabib National Forest (KNF)

#BertFire – Near junction of FR 144 and Hi-way 180 10 miles SE of Valle Az 

Started 5/28/2016 @ 1600 Hours. Lightning caused. 2416 acres.  IC: Type 3’s Quentin Johnson.  Burning Pinyon and Juniper.  1% containment status.

Resources:  (1) Type 1 crew, (1) Type 2 crew, (1) 11 person Fuels crew, (2) Type 3 engines, (1) Type 6 engine, (1) bulldozer and (1)  Resource Advisor.  58 Personnel.


Bert Fire by B Blasi, USFS

Tonto National Forest (Tonto NF)

#JuniperFire – 10 mi S of Young, Arizona.

Started 5/17/2016 @ midnight. Lightning caused. Pleasant Valley Ranger District. Tonto NF.  Burning Ponderosa pine, mixed conifer and oak shrub.  28,504 acres.  20% containment status.

516 Personnel incl:  6 Hotshot crews, 6  Type 3 and 11 Type 6 engines, 2 Type 2 crews, 1 regular Fire crew.  Heavy equipment incl: Helicopters (2)  Type 2, (2) Type 3 ,  (2) small fixed-wing aircraft, a masticator, and (3) bulldozers.

Public Meeting:  Wednesday, June 8th @ 1900 Hours at the Young Community Center, Young, AZ.  To provide the public with updated fire information. 

Cost-to-Date:  $6.3 Million.

Juniper Fire burning on Baker Mtn

Juniper Fire burning on Baker Mtn. Courtesy by Inciweb


CAL FIRE – Riverside County FD  NEW!

#WatsonFire – Watson Rd / Juniper Flats Rd, Homeland.

Fire reported as a rubbish fire on 6/7/2016 around 1430 hours that extended into the vegetation and became a brush fire.  Conditions listed as rocky and light brush with zero wind.  Forward movement stopped.  Currently contained to 3 acres but has a potential of upward to 30 acres.

Resources still on-scene:  75 Firefighters, 8 Engines, 1 Helicopter, 2 Air Tankers, 2 Fire crews, 2 Bulldozers.  1 Air Attack.

Henry Coe State Park  NEW!

#CoeFire – 20 miles W of Gustine.  Located in Stanislaus and Santa Clara Counties, Morgan Hill.  Located in Del Porto Canyon, East of Coe State Park.

Started 6/7/2016 @ 1630 hours.  A fire is reportedly burning near the Eastern side of Henry Coe State Park and raging at 100 acres.  Its forward spread is moving quickly and an increase in scorched acres is to continue due to a “dangerous” rate of spread.  CAL FIRE fire personnel are on scene.

Resources were en route to the Park.

Klamath National Forest (KNF)  NEW!

10 fires started on 6/7/2016  from lightning passing over the area on 6/5 and 6/6/2016 and are part of the #KlamathNFlightningFires.

The following fires were small and have  been contained:

#HappyCamp  #LowerElk  #LittleGrider  #Jackson  #Peak  #Horse

The following are listed as still active fires:

#ChinaFire – on Marble Mountain

0.1 acre

#AultFire – 5 miles SE of Cecilville

0.1 acre

#DillonFire – Near Dillon Creek

1/2 acre.

#PonyFire – Near Dillon Creek

125 acres.

Los Padres National Forest (LPNF)

#ColemanFire – N of Fort Hunter Liggett, W of King City on Boundary. Monterey Ranger Dist.

Fire started 6/4/2016 @ 1430 Hours. Unknown cause. 2340 acres due to more accurate fire mapping.   Burning tall grass and chaparral.   Fire grew very little  15% contained.

1 structure destroyed and 1 damaged.

850 Personnel.   Command is in Unified Command between Fort Hunter Liggett, CAL FIRE and the Los Padres National Forest.

Cost-to-Date:  $810,000.

Photograph taken by Paul Gibbs

Coleman Fire. Courtesy of Inciweb

Shasta-Trinity National Forest (SNF)  NEW!

Started 6/6/2016.  5 small fires were started by lightning that passed over the area.  All fires have been contained.

#ZotFire  #Snag  #Glover  #Rainbow  

All 4 fires are .1 acre each and have been controlled.  They are currently in patrol status.


This fire is at .25 acres and is currently contained.

photo image of lightning caused fire at the base of a single tree

Glover Fire Courtesy of Inciweb

Sierra National Forest (SNF)  NEW!

#DoveFire – Near the Jersey Dale Work Center.

Started 6/7/2016 @ 1224 Hours.  70 acres.  50% contained.

All available resources in the area that were working to reduce the mortality tree operations have been reassigned to this fire.  Burning in heavy and dead fire fuels and now, getting into timber.

100 Personnel assigned.   Resources: 12 engines, water tender, 2, type one hotshot Crews, 2 air tankers, 2 helicopters, SNF Air attack and 3 dozers.  More are en route.

Dove Fire at 1:30pm

Dove Fire Courtesy of Inciweb


Florida Forest Service  NEW!

#TideSwampFire – 4 mi NW of Steinhatchee.

Unknown start date or resources.  State land.  1032 acres. 80% contained.


BLM Boise District  NEW!

#MapRockFire – 6 mi SE of Marsing.

Unknown start date or cause.  900 Acres.  Active fire behavior with running.  30% contained.

44 Fire personnel.  1 Crew.  4 Engines.

Cost-to-Date:  $44,000.

#WeesFire – 4 mi N of Oreana.

Unknown start date or causes; resources unknown.  450 acres.  50% contained.


Cibola National Forest & National Grasslands

#NorthFire – 25 miles SW of Magdalena, NM.

Started 5/21/2016 @ 1645 Hours.  Lightning caused.  Moderate ROS. Minimum fire growth but may increase due to firing operations.  Fire fuels include:  Ponderosa Pine w/grass and litter understory.  20% contained.

78 Personnel.

Park Well Looking North

Park Well looking North by Jonathan Dunbar.


Fremont-Winema National Forest (FWNF)

#DrawFire – 20 mi NE of Chiloquin.  Near Telephone Draw area.  6 1/2 mi SW of Rocky Ford Campground and 6 mi NW of Head of the River Campground.

This lightning ignited fire started on 6/5/2016 @ 1920 Hours.  It is currently at 537 acres.  Fire is burning in ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine and Ceanothus.

Winds on 6/6/2016, pushed fire to the SW then picked up again moving them to the South.  Some spot fires occurred 200-300 yards due to high winds. Winds were clocked at 55 mph at some point during yesterday’s operations.   Fire is wind-driven.

Command:  IC SCOFMP IMT 3, Leland Hunter.  No other information on the # of fire personnel or resources available.

Cost-to-Date:  $1 Million.

Vale District  (VD)  NEW!

#OwyheeCanyonFire – 38 mi SW of Jordan Valley.

Fire started 6/5/2016 @ 1815 Hours.  Lightning caused.  20,500 acres. 5 0% contained. More wind and lightning expected today.

Resources:  (25) Engines, (4) Water Tankers, (2) Bulldozers, (4) Snake River Valley (SRV) Hand crews, (1) Hot shot Crew and (1) Air Attack.

Cost-to-Date:  $250,000.

Burned area of the Owyhee Canyon Fire

Owyhee Canyon Fire Scorched area. Courtesy of Inciweb


 Highway 231  NEW!

#Hwy231Fire – Near Community of Ford, Stevens County.

Unknown fire start or cause.  News Media states 3 structures burning.  We were unable to find the actual report on this fire but did find this same fire name used in 2014 and 2015.  Appears there have been many fires in this area.



#FortMacFire – Fort McMurray

Zero Significant Changes. 581,586 hectares or 1.437 Million acres. Fire perimeter is 984 km or 380 square miles. 10 active fires on Alberta Province.  70% contained.

Today 13 new fires making the total to 23 actively burning fires on the Province.

2,794 firefighters and support staff, 147 helicopters, 16 tankers and 233 pieces of heavy equipment battling fires across the province  299 FFs from S Africa and 41 FF from Mexico on scene

Hot spots are being managed in the Fort McMurray area. Anyone with information about new wildfires should call 1-866-394-3473. Reports of structural fires should be made to 911

Fire crews need safe access to air space. Drones or other airborne devices may not be flown without the approval of the Regional Emergency Operations Centre.

images 3

Fort McMurray Fire.

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