Structure Fire Puts Firefighters At Risk


At 2025 Hours PDT, Seattle Firefighters were dispatched to a large concrete building with a solid concrete roof on Boren Avenue North and Thomas Street.


1st Alarm – A2, Air9, B5, B6, Dep1, E10, E17, E2, E22, E25, E6, L1, L10, L6, Medic1, Rehab1, Safety2, Safety10.

2nd Alarm – E16, E36, E41, E13, L7, L9, Air260, M44, M10 and the CommVan.


This building is a known building frequented by transients and were seen during this fire.  They were on the rooftop and had their faces covered.  Seattle Police (multiple Officers) were requested to respond as there were quite a few of the transients present.

After some time, it appears the transients were told to exit the building by Fire personnel but they were ignoring their pleas and commands, leaving the area of their own free will.  No one was reportedly arrested.

There was a Code 33 to all fire personnel on scene that this building is known to be booby-trapped, flooring issues, doors removed from the elevator shafts and human fecal matter.


The fire sounded like it was contained to one room.

No additional people were found in the structure and no injuries were reported by the “Boren Command”.

A Person Accountability Report or “PAR” was later conducted of all fire personnel.  All were accounted for.

Firefighters were dispatched around 2025 (8:25pm) hours this evening and the fire was reported as a tap fire at 2120 hours.

A Decon line was set-up to make sure firefighters cleaned off all of their gear before going back into service.


Marshal5, SFD’s Fire Investigator is on-scene investigating the cause of the fire.  There is currently no preliminary cause at the moment.

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