Major Incident | Manhattan NY | Update 2

Updated 1:00pm PDT / 4:00pm EDT


A device exploded inside a dumpster injuring 29 injuries with one possibly critical around 2030 hours EDT this evening (1730 hours PDT). This occurred in the 100 block of West 23rd Street in Manhattan.


Calls were pouring into Police Dispatchers about multiple devices being found by the Public and suspicious black back packs, brown suitcases and duffel bags in various locations such as W 27th Street, W 19th Street, near train station and on Broadway street.

There was even one report of a man at the train station covered in blood asking for water to drink. There was not much reports on these incidences.

A presser by the Mayor and Commissioner both stated that the device placed in the dumpster that was the first one to detonate was “an intentional act” and not related to terrorism.

Police did release information that there was an IED in a dumpster at W 23rd and 6th Avenue but they did not elaborate on the specifics of that detonation.

A second device was reported as a pressure cooker device with a cell phone and wires coming out of it.  It was located at 27th and 7th Avenue  It was removed by the Bomb Squad.

Media reported a 3rd device located on 28th Street and 5th Avenue. No other info has been received on this.


We are not experts by any means but let’s look at what has transpired over the last few weeks….

September 3 – Phillipines (Bomb Explosion)

The State Department Travel site posted this:  “After explosion in Davao, Philippines a State of Lawlessness has been declared by the Philippine government.”

The message is here —>

September 6 – Malaysia (Terror Plot)

Malaysia elevated their terror alert as there was credible intel they would be attacked in the very near time.

September 6 – Australia 

The Prime Minister issued a lone wolf terror alert and made a broadcast to those visiting landmarks to be aware and careful where you are.

September 7 – Paris (Car Bomb)

A terror-probe is opened after Police find a fully loaded vehicle with multiple gas cylinders. Couple who own vehicle are on a terror watch list, media reports say.

September 9 – State Department (Terror Alert)

A France security message was received by the State Department (Travel site):  “Credible info suggests ISIL & other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks.”

September 12 – State Department (Terror Alert)

The State Department issued on September 12, a worldwide alert  states, “Continuing threat of terrorist actions & violence against US citizens thru-out world W/ upcoming holidays in Iraq, we remind US citizens of inherent dangers. Terrorists have chosen times around local holidays to set off bombs.”

September 15 – Uri  (Military Base attack)

Indian government places all military installations on Terror Alert status. A specific terrorist attack is known by Senior intelligence that they are to be attacked in Uri is imminent. The fighters were said to be sitting across from Uri and ready to attack at a moment’s notice. The fighters were said to be neutralized by Government Security forces.

September 17 – Charlottesville, Virginia (Downtown Mall)

8:20pm EDT- Reported of explosion near the Downtown Mall is actually an underground vault explosion not a bomb/IED going off.  People were pretty spooked this. Multiple media outlets had to tell people it was not a bomb and to stop getting panicked.

September 17 – Seaside, New Jersey (Military 5k Run)

9:30am EDT- 1 IED exploded at the same time the Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5K was about to occur.  3 more bombs with shrapnel are  found after the explosion.  Law Enforcement is linking this to suspected terrorism. 0 injuries. Race cancelled for security reasons.

September 17 – Manhattan, New York (Chelsea Neighborhood)

8:30pm EDT- 1 IED explodes in the Chelsea neighborhood. 29 injured.  2 additional unexploded devices are found.

September 17 – St. Cloud, Minnesota (Crossroads Mall)

8:20pm EDT –  MCI – Mass Stabbings. 8 injured. 1 dead. Police are investigating this as a possible act of terrorism.  Multiple media news sources are now reporting that the suspect was IS related and they are now claims responsibility.  They are also stating they will be claiming more incidents in the coming future.

Witnesses reported the suspect a private security uniform. He was shot and killed by Police.

September 18 – US Embassy (Worldwide Alert)

An Alert is issued to all worldwide travelers on the US Embassy’s messages on where and when to travel, what to look for and how to use situational awareness.


Here are ways to put your Situational Awareness skills, experience and training in effect. These are only basic glimpses into each section of SA.

Observe – where you are and memorize in detail things all around you.  This will assist you at a later time to make a plan on how you will work to respond in the future.

Orient – Create a baseline for each and every environment you visit.  Observation is good but what do you look for? Knowing what to look for such as human behavior, are the things in the environment normal and planning on how to respond to what was those observations were.

Behavior – It is most difficult to use all three systems at once as the brain can easily get overloaded with information.  Using the first two sections and focusing on behavior of those around, such as are their hands shifty, appear to be comfortable or uncomfortable, agitated or appear out-of-the-norm. These are signs to look for at all times.


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