Manhattan’s Chelsea Explosion | Update 3

Updated 8:16pm PDT / 11:16pm EDT


A device exploded inside a dumpster injuring 29 injuries with one possibly critical around 2030 hours EDT on Saturday, September 17th (1730 hours PDT). This occurred in the 100 block of West 23rd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

A second explosive device, a pressure cooker type device with a cell phone attached and wires was removed & detonated by NYPD’s Bomb squad. Very intense moments as the robot carried it, as Officers completed a controlled detonation.

29 people were hurt in the first blast but were released on Sunday.

== UPDATE ==

Update from the NYPD:  About an hour ago, the FBI took several individuals into custody on the Belt Parkway in the area underneath the Verrazano Bridge, with a possible connection to the bombing last night in Chelsea. I am waiting for an update and further information.”

 – Marty Golden, a NYS Senator


On Sunday, September 18th – calls were pouring into 9-1-1 about multiple devices and suspicious back packs and duffel bags were being reported.  It wasn’t your typical one call but multiple calls right after another and they were blocks from each other.


Hashtag being used for incident is #ManhattanExplosion #TerrorAlert #SituationalAwareness



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