Hurricane Matthew Widespread Damage | Update 7

Updated 2:35 PM EDT


  • Hurricane Matthew:  Cat 1, in SC now
  • Haiti:  1500 souls lost, 905 of Southern Haiti has been destroyed
  • South Carolina: Center of Hurricane over Myrtle Beach. 437,000 without power.  Georgetown now getting hit (@ 2:25 EDT)
  • Florida:  4 souls lost. More than 1.1 Million people without power.


Current Alert (SC). Credit/NWS

US Coast Guard delivering supplies. Credit/USCG

Destroyed road in Jacksonville (FL). Credit/Jax Sheriff’s Office.

City of Fayetteville (NC):  “CityofFay remind residents seek shelter as needed. Stay home if at all possible. Roadways are flooding faster than personnel can barricade.”

National Guard members carry out search and rescue, other operations. Photo Credit/USNG.


Hundreds if not thousands of Police Officers and personnel flood various areas and working 110%.  Photo Credit/Jax Sheriff’s Office (FL)


  • Facebook’s Hurricane Matthew Safety check is working.


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