M7.7 Hits Chile on Christmas Day | Update 1

Updated 1100 Hours PST


Chile is not unfamiliar with Earthquakes.  Since the beginning of November (and many months prior), Chile has been suffering from many Quakes from M5.0 to M6.0 appearing to be occurring daily, if not weekly and monthly.

An M8.3 occurred on November 16th, killing five people and prompting a tsunami warning.


Around 0600 PST (West Coast Time), a small unknown strength of an earthquake occurred in the region of Tarapac. There were no injuries, damages to infrastructure or disruption to basic necessities.



Within that same hour, a M5.3 shook the 43 miles NE of Pica, Chile.  It was stated that the characteristics of this Quake did not meet the criteria to issue a tsunami off the Coast of Chile.

Reported medium-sized (Chile’s terminology translated from Spanist) hits areas:  Arica and Parinacota and Tarapacá.  This is the largest quake in the Region of the Lakes.


Within the same period another Quake shakes the area but intensifies to a M6.9, striking 17 miles SW of  Quellón.

A tsunami warning issued by the government to evacuate safely for those who live in coastal areas of the Lakes region.


Another massive quake grows to a M7.6  41 miles NW of Melinka.


A stronger earthquake was reported today, causing more massive damage to road way systems. No fatalities were reported.


Evacuation warnings we sent out to several communities to prepare for leave the communities of Biobio, Araucania and Los Rios Aysén regions.  Then the warning turned into a mandatory evacuation.  Approximately 4,000 people were said to be have been evacuated to higher ground.

The evacuation alert has been cancelled for these areas:  the  beach area of Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos and Aysén regions.


“Earthquake of magnitude 7.7 off coast of Chile triggers tsunami alert from Pacific warning centre.” – Media

“…a magnitude of 7.7 has hit south Chile sparking a tsunami warning for 600 miles of coast.” – Media

Chile earthquake tsunami warning lifted.” – Media

“Preparedness and planning in hazard management saves lives.” – Media

“US-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issues tsunami warning for areas within 1,000 km of epicentre.” – Twitter user


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