BREAKING NEWS: Trio of Fires Burn in Oklahoma

Updated Midnight PST


A trio of wildfires are currently burning in the State of Oklahoma in the East Central area.  The start/date and causes are unknown at this time of this post but we are working to gain that information for future fire updates.

Here is what we know so far.

Beaver Mountain Fire

The Beaver Mountain Fire is located 4 miles NE of Quinton and burning timber and hardwood litter.  It is under the jurisdiction of OK Dept. of Forestry where extreme fire behavior with running and short-range spotting have been reported.

Fire crews have reached a 30% containment status.

Already the fire has consumed 4,500 acres and continue to rage on.

There are 8 personnel assigned to this incident, along with 3 engines and 1 helicopter.

The cost-to-date is currently at $15,000.

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McNally Flats Fire

The McNally Flats Fire is located 15 miles NE of McAlester and is being managed by the OK DOF.

The fire has destroyed 317 acres of hardwood litter. Currently, there is minimum fire behavior with creeping.  It has been 79% contained with 8 personnel assigned to this event, along with 4 engines.

Homes are said to be currently threatened. No information on if evacuations have taken place or are in effect are unknown at this time.

The cost-to-date is at $2,000.

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Orchard Hill Fire

The Orchard Hill Fire is located 2 miles NW of Wister and is said to have moderate fire behavior with creeping.

The fire has burned 255 acres of hardwood litter and reached an 87% containment status.

There are 2 personnel assigned.

The cost-to-date is at $1,000.

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All three fires are being staffed by the OK Department of Forestry and are all three located in the East Central area.


Please see each fire for the hashtags we are currently using for each separate incident.


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