Florida’s #InternationalFire | 1


Incident Summary | Rain touched some parts of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge but would later dry out due to drought conditions.  Fire Managers have presumed the lightning that passed over the area earlier was a holdout and began to ignite as dry conditions worsened.

Helicopter performs burn out operations on the International Fire on Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge on May 5, 2017.

Location | The fire burning about 4 miles S of Oak Hill and SR 3 on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Voloisa County, Florida.

Start Date / Time | The International Fire is stated to have started on May 4, 2017, around 1500 hours.

Acreage | 1600 acres.

Fire Fuels | Fire fuels are tall grass burning.

Current Fire Conditions | Currently, the fire has active behavior with crowning, torching and is running.   Concerns are more strong winds and low RH, which will help the fire behavior become even more dangerous for firefighters and fire personnel.

Resources | 26 personnel assigned to this wildfire event.  9 engines. 1 helicopter.

Incident Cooperators | USFS, USFWS, Brevard County, NASA Fire Rescue (from Kennedy Space Center).

Fire Suppression Costs | Currently, the costs for fire suppression efforts are $15,000.

Social Media | Hashtags being used #InternationalFire  #FLwildfire2017

Fire Images | Courtesy of Inciweb

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