#ArrietaFire | AZ | New!


Incident Summary | A wildfire broke out from an unknown cause on the Coronado National Forest on May 17, 2017, around 2300 hours MST just East of Sasabe – near Arrieta Canyon in Arizona.  The cause is under investigation.

Resources | There are 50 people assigned to this incident and with an unknown Fire Type IMT.

Incident Cooperators | The fire is being handled by BLM and the US Fish and Wildlife Service personnel and overhead team.

Current Fire Conditions | Fire crews have reached a 90% containment status and stopped the forward ROS; the fire has not had any growth in the last few days.  114 acres have been scorched.

Social Media | We are using the following hashtags:  #AZwildfires2017  #AZ  #ArrietaFire

This is the first and last update unless there is additional fire activity or further updates.

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One thought on “#ArrietaFire | AZ | New!

  1. Coronado National Forest is somehting like 50 miles from me… Not far (thankfully not close enough to affect me any).


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