Bellevue Police were attempting to stop a blue Mercedes SUV who allegedly stole items from the Factoria Square Mall on Saturday around 2100 hours PDT.

In attempt to stop them, the vehicle rammed one of the Bellevue Police cars.  The SUV was being drive by a white male and carrying a female passenger.  For the  protection of Officers and the Suspect, we are not broadcasting the plate number, suspect or any Patrol information. 

The suspects fled the Eastside mall, where they quickly gained access to I-90 heading Westbound towards Seattle, Washington.  Officers reported speeds of 60-70 mph as the suspect vehicle  weaved in and out of heavy traffic pulling away from pursuing Bellevue Police units.

Bellevue Police asked for Washington State Patrol (WSP) Troopers to assist with napping the suspects.  There were several responding to assist with the call.  King County Sheriff’s Guardian 1 was up in the air and responded but were unable to locate the vehicle exiting to be believed as the Mt. Baker tunnel which has many exits and intersects with I-5 both Northbound and Southbound.

Bellevue Police requested the aid of Washington State Troopers to help stop the vehicle but the vehicle seemed to have gotten away.  Police are investigating and due to the nature of this incident, we are not broadcasting the plate number, the suspect name and address.

We are happy to hear the Officer who had his vehicle rammed did not suffer any serious injuries and that the incident did not turn into an Officer-Involved shooting.

Officers will continue to search for the suspects and have a good idea who their person-of-interest is.  We will update you all , if any other details emerge.

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