BFD Responds to Newcastle Fire

BELLEVUE, Washington State — Bellevue Fire units were dispatched to a structure fire just before 1800 hours PT on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Credit: Bellevue Fire Department

The fire incident named “135th Command” is located in the 4200 block of 135th Place Southeast in Newcastle, Washington State.

Officials say the fire started in the attached garage and extended into the attic. Heavy smoke could be seen and was vented outside of the opened garage doors.

Fire operations included fighting it from an offensive strategy and was quickly brought under control.

It was unknown if occupants were home at the time of the fire or if they were evacuated from the structure.

No injuries to firefighters were reported.

The cause is under investigation at this time.

Firefighters will remain on-scene for an unknown period of time.

Bellevue Fire has Station #9 located in downtown Newcastle and provides fire/EMs coverage throughout this growing City.

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Bellevue Firefighters Respond to Structure Fire

Firefighters from the Bellevue (WA) Fire Department were dispatched to a building fire in a multi-family structure on Saturday, February 22, 2020, around 0725 hours this morning.  The incident was located in the 14000 block of Bel-Red Road.


The first due engine (E106) reported units on floors one and two were fully engulfed and all fire operations were going defensive.  E107 and other unknown units were on-scene.

Upon a search of the structure, one fire victim was located and CPR was in progress with Medics and EMTs successfully reviving the male victim and he was transported to a nearby hospital.


Fire was knocked down quickly and no other victims were found during their primary and secondary searches.

Red Cross was called in for two displaced families.

The cause of the fire has not been released as of this released.

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Bellevue Firefighters Respond to Clyde Hill House Fire

CLYDE HILL, Wash. – Bellevue Firefighters were called to a residential structure fire in the 2000 block on 89th Avenue NE in the Clyde Hill area, a City with 3,000 residents and 1,100 households.

The City is contracted with the City of Bellevue Fire Department for all of its fire related services and emergency medical calls within its boundary.

The fire broke out at the home around 1309 hours PDT and was brought under control around 1319 hours PDT.

One occupant inside the structure was able to self-evacuate without any injuries.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown and under investigation by the Bellevue Fire Department.

One Citizen reported seeing a black smoke column from as far as away as Mercer Island from her office window , which is across the water from Clyde Hill.

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Fire Damages Factoria Structure

UPDATE – 0911 hours PST

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON | A fire broke out at an apartment complex located in the 12800 block of SE 40th in the Factoria area of Bellevue, Washington early Christmas morning.   Access into the fire scene was difficult due to snow and ice.  The fire occurred in between 0400 – 0430 hours PST.

(Written permission has been granted to republish this feed.  Credit:  Snoco_Radio (@Stringing Photog)

A cause is unknown at the time of this post.

Bellevue Fire stated about 5-6 patients were evaluated with 4 being transported to nearby hospital(s).  Many were injured in the fall, when they were jumping out of windows.

Six units were heavily damaged and not inhabitable.

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Fire Damages Factoria Structure

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON | A fire broke out at an apartment complex located in the 12800 block of SE 40th in the Factoria area of Bellevue, Washington early Christmas morning.   Some residents jumping out of windows as the fierce fire consumed parts of the structure were reported on this snowy morning in the wee hours on Monday (around 0400-0430 hours PST).

A cause is unknown at the time of this post.

Four patients were transported to area hospitals related to evacuating from the building. No word on their conditions are known at this time.

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Bellevue Police | Searching For Suspects


Bellevue Police were attempting to stop a blue Mercedes SUV who allegedly stole items from the Factoria Square Mall on Saturday around 2100 hours PDT.

In attempt to stop them, the vehicle rammed one of the Bellevue Police cars.  The SUV was being drive by a white male and carrying a female passenger.  For the  protection of Officers and the Suspect, we are not broadcasting the plate number, suspect or any Patrol information. 

The suspects fled the Eastside mall, where they quickly gained access to I-90 heading Westbound towards Seattle, Washington.  Officers reported speeds of 60-70 mph as the suspect vehicle  weaved in and out of heavy traffic pulling away from pursuing Bellevue Police units.

Bellevue Police asked for Washington State Patrol (WSP) Troopers to assist with napping the suspects.  There were several responding to assist with the call.  King County Sheriff’s Guardian 1 was up in the air and responded but were unable to locate the vehicle exiting to be believed as the Mt. Baker tunnel which has many exits and intersects with I-5 both Northbound and Southbound.

Bellevue Police requested the aid of Washington State Troopers to help stop the vehicle but the vehicle seemed to have gotten away.  Police are investigating and due to the nature of this incident, we are not broadcasting the plate number, the suspect name and address.

We are happy to hear the Officer who had his vehicle rammed did not suffer any serious injuries and that the incident did not turn into an Officer-Involved shooting.

Officers will continue to search for the suspects and have a good idea who their person-of-interest is.  We will update you all , if any other details emerge.

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Bellevue Islamic Center Fire Ruled Arson

Bellevue, Washington

An early morning structure fire broke out at 0244 hours on Saturday, January 15th, severely damaging the Islamic Center of Eastside on the 14700 block and Main Street in Bellevue, Washington.


Firefighters were quickly dispatched to the Crossroads mosque fire and were met by 40-foot flames shooting up from the rear of the two-story wood frame building, presumably built-in the 1970’s and listed without sprinklers.

Credit: Bellevue Fire Department

Credit: Bellevue Fire Department

Multiple hose lines were laid and firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire and able to save half of the structure.  Additionally, during salvage they saved numerous religious books and electronic equipment.

13 fire apparatus were on scene.

Firefighters also performed primary and secondary searches in the building and finding no occupants. It was found to be a unoccipied building.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries reported.


At the fire scene, the BFD called Bellevue Police to respond to the mosque for a possible person-of-interest on the North side of the building.  Police Officers would be dispatched and find the person whom they would arrest for arson and for having a Seattle PD warrant.  He was arrested with seven minutes from time of dispatch to arriving on-scene.

Police say the suspect, (whom we are not naming though BPD has due to suspects have many rights including are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law) acted alone and is not being considered as an act of terrorism. They have ruled this out due to his statements, pattern of behavior and evidence collected at the scene. This suspect has an extensive criminal record.

“This is an attack on the Muslim community and an attack on all our Bellevue residents. We must pray for them and come together as a community.” –  Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett.


Police are continuing to work with the ATF and FBI in this case.


The Prosecutor’s Office stated they are not treated this as a hate crime as there is not enough evidence to support that cause.  Police are still trying to figure out this suspect’s motive for the fire.

Police Investigators are working with the Redmond Police Department due to another church in the area was hit by fire. They are looking at if this has any connection to the Redmond Fire.

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Sixty-01 Fire | Redmond Washington

Updated 2000 Hours PDT


Incident Summary

A 3-alarm fire broke out at the Sixty-01 Condo community located at 6001 – 140th Avenue NE in Redmond, Washington around 1600 hours today.

KIrkland’s 22 was first due on scene.


Structural firefighters responded from Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Woodinville and via Eastside Fire & Rescue.

In all, the following were dispatched:


  • Bellevue:  2, 4 & 6
  • Redmond: 12, 14
  • Kirkland:  21, 22, 25, 26, 27
  • Bothell:  45
  • Eastside Fire &Rescue: 71

Aid Units

  • Redmond:  11, 12, 17
  • Bellevue:  2.

Day 56 2.25.2016 Bellevue Fire Engines 2013

Medic Units

  • Bellevue:  1
  • Redmond:  19


  • Bellevue: 1
  • Redmond:  11
  • Kirkland:  21.
  • Bothell:  42


  • Redmond:  16
  • Kirkland:  27
  • Woodinville:  31


  • Bellevue:  3 & 7


  • Redmond:  7

Additional Units

  • Redmond: Air Unit 81
  • HM1
  • Redmond Fire Investigators:  120, 121, 133, 141


NRTG Bellevue Fire Aid 2.jpg

About the Sixty-01 Community

Sixty-01 Condos was built-in two phases in 1969 and 1972 of 770-individual condos.  The community was originally an adults-only rentals but was later converted in January of 1982, as a family friendly condos.  Later the 60-01 Homeowners Association was born and assumed all operations of the condos.

The Association employs a Director of Operations, two Accountants, one Admin Supervisor, one  Admin Assistant, 11 Maintenance Techs, six Security Guards and two bartenders.

Fire History

There have been several large fires in this community from various sources:


One of the residents says there were 3 fires in 2013.  No specifics other than stating there have been this many and unhappy about that. (Yelp)

The internet does indicate there was a large fire in 2013 and caused moderate to significant damage to units in one building (unknown #) on all five floors and some others were damaged by water/smoke damage.  There was a restoration project that occurred in 2013, to help residents be able to move back into their homes. (Internet)

NRTG WFD Engine 33.jpg


A large fire prompted many resources to respond from Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond to the community.  The cause was due to smoldering wood removed from a fireplace and placed in a box, leaving it unattended at a ground-floor unit.

Thankfully, no one was home at the time.  Five engines, 1 Ladder truck, 2 Command vehicles responded.  The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes. (Redmond Patch, 1/28/2012)

60-01 Fire Status

The fire was under control around 1800 hours this evening.  There were no human injuries or fatalities but several pets in one unit were lost.

The cause is unknown at this time.

We are waiting for the Fire Investigator’s report.

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Drugs Take-Back Day | Bellevue Police Department

Bellevue, Washington | Bellevue Police Spokesman, Officer Seth Tyler says by Popular Demand from Citizens, they are hosting a “Drugs Take-Back” event on Saturday, April 30th from 10am to 2pm.


Officers will be ready to take your unused medications and drugs.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  They will not be able to take needles. They are considered as BioHazard and must be placed in sharp containers. These can be obtained from any Pharmacy, such as RiteAid or Bartells.  Contact them to see if free to obtain the container or if there is a recycling fee.

The ‘Drugs Take-Back” station will be located at the Bellevue Police Department’s Crossroads Substation (Between the movie theater and Crunch Fitness in Crossroads), and our Factoria substation (inside Factoria Mall next to the Nordstrom Rack).


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NEW: Local Firefighters Prep for Combat Challenge in Bellevue Washington

Bellevue Washington | An annual event you don’t want to miss is coming to Bellevue, where Firefighters will “compete” on a timed course pulling fire hose and spraying at targets, “rescuing” victims and running up several “flights” of stairs on one of America’s iconic “fire” combat course.

Seattle and other Cities have been host to the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge course which in year’s past has been filmed and great entertainment for you and your family. We will be there too snapping up firefighters in action.

Little ones can also “compete” during a Kid’s Firefighter Challenge.  Those are always fun to watch and photograph as well.

#FireImage Courtesy of Bellevue Firefighters

You will not want to miss this event to be held this Saturday and Sunday on July 11 and 12, 2015 at Bellevue’s Market Place at Factoria [aka Factoria Square Mall] located at 4055 Factoria Square Mall SE in Bellevue, Washington 98006.

Sunbelt Rentals will be bringing their award-winning Wounded Warrior Project lift to this event.

Sponsored by Sunbelt Rentals, Bellevue Fire and Genie company.  This will surely be the most fun you’ve had in a long time.  Firefighters would LOVE if you cheered them on to victory.   They also LOVE visitors to cheer them before, during and after “competing”, as well as just chatting them up.

It’s going to be a very HOT day, so here’s a few recommendations/reminders:

  • If out in the sun, remember to drink LOTS of water. [There are multiple stores in the area: SAFEWAY, Walmart, 7-11 and area restaurants]
  • Pets are welcome but remember, their pads are sensitive and can burn if standing/walking on hot pavement.
  • PLEASE DO NOT leave your Pets in the car.  It will be TOO HOT for them and residents in the area care a lot about pets and if seen in a HOT car will call 9-1-1 or break your windows. SAVE your PET and your vehicle windows.
  • Sunscreen is key to stopping sunburns and avoiding the sun’s rays.

MOST OF ALL, have lots of fun!

We’ll see you there.

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