#PaigeCreekFire in Rhicon Mtns | Arizona | New!



Incident Summary

Lightning on the Coronado National Forest has sparked a wildfire on June 7, 2017, around 1715 hours on the east side of the Rhicon Mountains in Arizona.


There approximately 100 fire personnel assigned to this incident.

Resources have secured the anchor point, made progress up the flanks and should have full containment shortly.

Damage Assessment

Already, the fire has scorched 1,050 acres of grass but fire crews have reached a successful 60% containment status.

Fire Weather

Future weather is expected to be hot and dry, as well as possible thunderstorms with erratic winds making it more difficult for Fire personnel fighting this wildfire.

Social Media

We are using hashtags #PaigeCreekFire #AZwildfires2017

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Thank You Readership

We like to thank our readership in Countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Spain.  We are happy you have joined us and wish you safety wherever your day/night may take you.

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