AZ WILDFIRE | Robinson Fire

SIT REP 1 | MAY 22, 2021 | SATURDAY

A wildfire broke out on Friday, May 21, 2021 around 1810 hours MT.

Firefighters were dispatched to a wildfire via the Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center on May 21, 2021 at 1710 hours PT to the remote area of Guadalupe Mountain Peloncillos, about 30 miles east/northeast of Douglas on the AZ/NM border.

There has been 249 acres of grass and brush that have already been destroyed.

Credit | USFS – Coronado National Forest

Resource orders have been dispatched via the AZ Dispatch Center (Comm Center) at 0841 this morning, Phoenix Interagency Fire Center at 0951 hours MT and the Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center at 1001 MT.

No structures or other values are under threat at the moment.

Incident Cooperators: USFS Coronado NF, SWCC.

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NEW! #KnobHillFire | St David AZ | 1


Flight over Knob hill

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning in the Southeast District area of the Arizona Department of Forestry  and on the Coronado National Forest.

The fire ignited from an unknown cause on Saturday, February 10, 2018.

It is located approximately 15 miles east of St. David, Arizona.

Fire fuels consist of timber and chaparral.

Current Fire Conditions | Fire behavior is minimal with creep and backing.  Some structures are reportedly under direct threat with road closures in effect.

The fire has reached a 74 % containment status.

Resources | There are 77 personnel assigned along with three crews, two engines and one helicopter.

Damage Assessment | The fire has scorched 2,896 acres of land and the cost-to-date expenses have reached a high of $150,000.

Flight over Knob Hill

Fire Photo Credit | Coronado National Forest via Inciweb.

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#KnobHillFire Spreads To Public Lands | 1


A wildfire that ignited on private land has spread on to public lands of the Coronado National Forest on the western side of the Dragoon Mountains by Cochise Stronghold.   It is about 15 miles east of St. David, Arizona.


The fire started from an unknown cause on Saturday, February 10, 2018, and has reportedly already scorched 2,896 acres of dry grass and brush.   Fire behavior is moderate, creeping and backing.

Flight over Knob hill

Photo Credit: USFS

Firefighters have successfully reached a 15% containment status.


About 167 firefighters are currently in full fire suppression on the fire line under an a Type 3 Incident Command.

The Cochise county Sheriff’s Office has set-up a hard closure on the west side of the dragoon Mountains and was due to be lifted at 1700 hours on Sunday.  Deputies will continue to close off the eastern area of the mountainside.


A Red Flag warning is in effect as of Monday, February 12th from 1200 hours to 1900 hours for high winds and low RH.  Conditions are warm and dry with large amounts of dried brush causing to be easily ignited.


We are using #KnobHillFire #AZwildfire hashtags for this incident.

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#PaigeCreekFire in Rhicon Mtns | Arizona | New!



Incident Summary

Lightning on the Coronado National Forest has sparked a wildfire on June 7, 2017, around 1715 hours on the east side of the Rhicon Mountains in Arizona.


There approximately 100 fire personnel assigned to this incident.

Resources have secured the anchor point, made progress up the flanks and should have full containment shortly.

Damage Assessment

Already, the fire has scorched 1,050 acres of grass but fire crews have reached a successful 60% containment status.

Fire Weather

Future weather is expected to be hot and dry, as well as possible thunderstorms with erratic winds making it more difficult for Fire personnel fighting this wildfire.

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Update 1 | #ShovelFire | Arizona | NEW!

UPDATE 1 – APRIL 8, 2017 – 2350 HOURS PDT

Incident Summary | The Shovel Fire  is a 25-acre wildfire is burning on Mount Lemmon, which is located in the Coronado National Forest, North of Tucson, Arizona is burning on Forest Land that started on Saturday, April 8th.

Resources | There are 4 crews hiking in at the moment.  3 Engines and Miscellaneous overhead personnel are also en route to the fire location [Saturday].  On Sunday, 5 helicopters will be arriving along with an Air Attack platform that will all be working together.

Concerns | Windy conditions.

Weather | Saturday current weather forecast.  Mostly clear, with a low around 38. West southwest wind 15 to 17 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph.

Sunday [during day] forecast is  predicted to be sunny, with a high near 53. Breezy, with a west southwest wind 14 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph.

Reminders | Fire Managers wish to remind the Public that drones in Fire zones force them to have to land all their firefighting air resources when these are in flight, causing danger to Pilots in the sky and firefighters down below. #NoDronesInFireZones

Hashtags | We are using the following Hashtags for this wildfire as #MountLemmonFire #AZWildfire2017

About Mount Lemmon:

Mount Lemmon is located in Arizona

Mount Lemmon is located North of Tucson, Arizona that has an elevation of 9,159 feet and is the highest point in the Santa Catalina Mountains in the Coronado National Forest.

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]

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Arizona’s Coronado NF Impacted by Multiple Fires – June 3, 2016

Updated 0710 Hours PDT


Incident Summary

Arizona’s Coronado NF has been impacted by multiple burning wildfires from lightning to human caused fires.  Since, there are multiples fires, we will cover them here in one post.


This fire started on May 31, 2016 around 1700 Hours and is being deemed started by human intervention from an unknown cause.

It is located South of Ruby, near Mountain Peak in the Tumacori Mountains.  Fire fuels include grass, brush and oak trees.   The fire has consumed 2300 acres.

The fire is being managed by IC John Thornburg, Type 3 IMT which the team assumed command on June 2nd at 0700 Hours.

There is currently 5 Crews, 4 helicopters, 8 engines and air attack along with 149 personnel.


This fire started on May 31, 2016, along with the #JhusCanyonFire and #PortalPeakFire around midnight.  All three were started by lightning.

The Whitetail Canyon Fire is located in the Chihuahua Mountains off East of Whitetail Canyon.

It is burning grass, brush and some trees.  Firefighters have successfully stopped all forward movement of the fire.  It has consumed 95 acres.

The fire is being managed by  Shane Manning and Deo Silva (Trainee).  As of yesterday, there were 25 personnel assigned to this incident.

Weather forecast is hot dry weather conditions.


This fire is located in the Chiricahua Mountain off of East Whitetail Canyon.

It is burning grass, brush and some trees.  There is no containment status known for this fire.  The fire has consumed 20 acres.

Command is being managed by Tim Ross and Dustin Roper (Trainee).  There are 40 personnel assigned under their command.


This fire is located in the Chiricahua Mountains near Portal, Arizona.  It is burning in the same location as the #Horseshoe2Fire from 2011.

It is being managed by Darrel Miller.  There are 45 personnel assigned to this incident.

Currently, the fire has reached 350 acres and is burning grass, brush and trees.  Fire crews have reached a 90% containment status.

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#Breaking | Triple 2 Fire | Coronado NF, Arizona

Updated 5/10/2016 2113 PDT / 2013 MDT

Triple 2 Fire by CNF

Photo Credit: USFS – CNF


Date/Time Started:   5/10/2016 @ 1613 MDT

Location:  Fire originated from Mexico but crossed over today.  Located 7 miles W of Nogales, Arizona on the Coronado National Forest.

Managing Office:  Forest Service on the Coronado National Forest in Arizona.

Acres:  600




  • Behavior:  Has a moderate spread.  Active burning in surges, over ridges, up hills, backing in canyons.
  • Fuels:  Brush, oak woodland.


  • Winds:  Breezy.




  • Personnel:  90 assigned.

Incident Cooperators:

  • US Forest Service

Air Support:  

  • Tankers are dropping water and being utilized.

Triple 2 Fire 2 by CNF

Photo Credit: USFS – CNF


Contact Information

  • Fire Restriction Info:  On specific lands.  Website:

Smoke Conditions

  • Visibility:  Can be seen from Nogales and Rio Rico.




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  • #CNFAZ
  • #AZFires2016
  • #CNF


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Update 2 | Cumero Fire | Coronado National Forest

The Cumero Fire has exploded from being just 500 acres on the day it started until today, showing it has more than tripled – plus its size.

Date & Time:  The wildfire broke out today, May 6th around 0930 MST (0930 PDT)

Location:  Cumero Mountain on the Coronado National Forest. NE of Sasabe, AZ.

Acres:  5300.

Fuels:  Grass and brush.

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Cause:  Human-caused.  Currently under investigation.


Resources:  There are currently 125 total personnel along with various equipment from State, Federal and Local Arizona agencies:

  • Firefighters:  180 with 65 support personnel.
  • Engines:  7
  • Light Helicopters:  2
  • Water Tenders:  3

Fire Activities:  Firefighters will be conducting the following activities to help contain the fire.

  • Construct a line along the Fresnal Wash
  • Build a line along northward along the Alamito Wash
  • Tie the line to Forest Service Rd 4877 to form a barrier on the eastside
  • Prep area for burnout operations

Incident Status:

The following activities have occurred during the start of this fire incident.


  • Fire detected at 0930 hours
  • 100 Firefighters assigned with 5 engines, 1 light helicopter and 5 wildland fire crews.
  • Fire located adjacent to Cumero Mountain, NE of Sasabe, AZ

Courtesy: Inciweb

Courtesy: Inciweb


  • Location of fire updated to show in the Nogales Ranger District of the Coronado National Forest. (CNF)
  • Burning on lands administered by the CNF.
  • Weather of moderate winds and increased humidity aids firefighters.
  • Fire fuels consist of light and flash but have low moisture content.
  • No structures have been lost.
  • 100 Firefighters are assigned along with 65 support personnel, 1 Light helo, 1 Medium chopper and 1 heavy, a converted Military CH 470 Chinook chopper.  It is a 2000 gallon “bucket” of water from a source at 120 knots.
  • The Chinook is dipping from Arivaca Lake.


  • Weather today consists of decreased winds, higher humidity and cooler temps.
  • Though favorable weather, the fire has spread SW towards Fresnal Canyon.
  • 25% containment reached.
  • Risks are low due to burning away from structures in undeveloped land administered by the CNF.
  • Personnel increased to 180 Firefighters with 65 Support personnel.

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Update 1 | Cumero Fire | Coronado National Forest


Date & Time:  The wildfire broke out today, May 6th around 0930 MST (0930 PDT)

Location:  Cumero Mountain on the Coronado National Forest.  Tucson, Arizona.

Acres:  500.

Fuels:  Grass and brush.

Containment:  0% status.

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Cause:  Human-caused.  Currently under investigation.

Wx:  Substantial winds causing increased fire behavior activity and  high number of increased acres.

Resources:  There are currently 125 total personnel along with various equipment from State, Federal and Local Arizona agencies:

  • Firefighters:  100
  • Wildland Crews:  5
  • Engines:  5
  • Heavy Helicopters:  1
  • Light Helicopters:  1

Hashtags:  #CNF #CumeroMtnFire #AZFires2016 #azwx

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Dicks Peak Fire | March 26th | Update 1


A fire has broken out on the Coronado National Forest on Saturday, March 26, 2016, around 1430 Hours, approximately 20 miles SE of Arivaca, Arizona.

Fire is burning in brush and grass.

It is currently at 150 acres with a 0% containment status.

No structures are being threatened at this time.

A cause is unknown and is under investigation.


About 55 personnel are assigned to this fire incident along with an Air Attack, 2 hand crews, 1 engine, 1 single engine air tanker and 1 heavy air tanker.

Incident Contact is Heidi Schewel @ 520-388-8484.






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