This wildfire is on the Kaibab National Forest and about 5 miles SW of Tusayan.  Fire fuels include timber with active fire behavior.

There are 80 personnel along with 3 crews, 3 engine and 1 helicopter assigned.  $40,000 is the total for suppression costs-to-date.*

303 FIRE

The 303 Fire is located 4 miles North of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and South of the Carefree Highway, near the Intersection of I17 and Loop 303.  Fire fuels include hot and dry brush. This fire was ignited June 22nd @ 1400 hours.

1,150 acres. 0% contained.  There are 107 personnel. 3 crews. 5 engines. 2 helicopters.*


Per Arizona’s Dispatch Center, this wildfire was reported on Highway 89 A at mile marker 526.  Resources were dispatched at 1726 hours.  Limited fire details.*


The Boni Fire was reported burning at the Gilson Wash today, dispatching resources at 1202 hours.  1 acre was destroyed.*

BOUNDARY FIRE – 12 miles North of Bellemont.

Moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and torching.  Structures are still being threatened.

There are 13,464 acres burned with an 80% containment status.  332 personnel along with 5 crews, 13 engines and 4 helicopters are assigned to this incident.

Suppression costs today to date are $6.6 Million.*


The Bull Pen fire had fire resources dispatched at the crack of dawn.  Well, okay…kinda sorta.  This wildfire prompted Dispatch to send Coconino NF and RRRD fire crews out at 0005 hours to the Bull Pen Pit, where RRRD contained the fire to 16.5 acres.*


The Encino Fire is located 2 miles S of Sonoita, in the SE District and under management of the AZ Dept. of Forestry area.  Fire fuels include tall grass and brush.  Extreme fire behavior with running and spotting.  Structures are currently being threatened.   There are 1,289 acres with a 75% containment status alongside 137 personnel, 2 crews, 21 engines, 0 helicopters.

5 structures lost.*


Per Arizona’s CAD system, the fire is located NW of Hondah Casino where 0.06 acres of grass has been burned. Fire resources were dispatached at 1123 hours.*

FRYE FIRE –  Coronado NF. 9 miles West of Swift Trail Junction.

Moderate fire behavior with single-tree torching, backing and creeping. Structures being threatened.

Earlier Friday morning, there had been 17,833 acres scorched with a 10% containment but by this evening, more acreage had been burned bringing the total to 21,335.  There are 842 personnel assigned along with 21 crews, 33 engines and 7 helicopters.

Total fire suppression and containment costs have reached a total of $6.7 Million.*

June 19 Water drops over the fire, view from La Cienega area.

Highline Photo (Courtesy: Inciweb)


This wildfire is located on the Tonto NF, about  8 miles North of Payson.  Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.    Friday’s evening update is showing a total of 7,198 acres destroyed with a 92% containment status. 421 personnel are still assigned along with 5 crews, 15 engines and 3 helicopters.

Total suppression costs are $14.4 Million.* Note: This is the last update for this wildfire.*

Fire Wrapped Cabin

Fire wrapped cabin. (Courtesy: Inciweb)


The Lava Fire resources were dispatched on Friday around 1320 hours to a wildfire burning on US 93 and mile marker 148.  10.75 acres were destroyed.  Limited fire information.*


The Lee Fire is located in McNary, where 0.1 acres of pine litter have been destroyed. Fire crews responded at 0923 hours.*

MAGGIE FIRE – Phoenix District Office.  BLM.  6 miles North of Black Canyon City. Tall grass, brush and timber.  There are 1,400 acres scorched with a 90% containment status.  11 personnel are on-scene with 3 engines.

Total cost-to-date is $660,000.*


The Oro Ranch Fire began earlier Friday morning around 0651.  It was located at the Oro Ranch and Baca Float.  Limited fire information.*

RAIN FIRE – 5 miles SW of Tusayan

The Rain Fire is  located SW of the Grand Canyon airport on the Tusayan Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest.  The started  on June 21, 2017 around noon from an unknown human cause that is currently under investigation.

This photo was taken from the Red Butte Lookout, and it shows the Rain Fire on June 21.

Photo taken from the Red Butte Lookout. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Fire fuels include pinyon-juniper woodlands. 154 acres. 80% contained.  Fire conditions are hot, dry and windy.  Firefighters are in mop up operations.

80 personnel.  3 crews.  3 engines.  1 helicopter.   A small amount of smoke is visible from the Red Butte Lookout.*


The Ridgetop Fire was reported as burning on Highway 260 and mile marker 285.  Per their CAD system, fire resources were dispatched at 1417 hours. 0.2 acres of grass were consumed. Limited fire information.*


Per Arizona’s CAD system, fire resources were dispatched around 1051 hours to 301 – 9018 N for a wildland fire.  FRD has lined this fire.*

Photo of active fire burning after a drip torch operation to prevent spread of fire; photo provided by Hawk Thul

Maggie Fire (Credit: Hawk Thul via Inciweb)



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