Active Wildfires | NW Region | July 28 2017

NORTHWEST WILDFIRES | We are listing the current active and previous active wildfires for Friday, July 28, 2017.


Bissell Fire. Northeast Region, Washington DNR. Eight miles north of Hunters. Timber, brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened. | 377 acres. 98% containment. 132 personnel. 3 crews. 15 engines. $75,000 CTD. #BissellFire

Crawford Oak Fire.  Horsethief State Park.  Klickitat County.  Dispatched @ 1720 hours. FD 6 respond. Contained @ 1836 hours. Controlled @ 1837 hours. | Central WA Interagency Comm Center (CWIC)

Diamond Creek Fire.  (NF Fire not included in NICC #s).  18 air miles from Mazama and at the intersection of Diamond Creek and Lost River.  Started 7/22/2017. Cause unknown.  Fire growth in Diamond Creek drainage. Spotting on the Northern, Eastern, Southern fire perimeters.  Heat detected in the North flank of Nanny Goat Mountain.  Helibase and camp has been moved to Hidden Lakes area. Structure protection of historical cabins in the area. No threats to other structures in the area.  | 2,710 acres. 0% containment. No CTD. #DiamondCreekFire

North Mill Fire.  13 miles NE of Colville. Started 7/26/2017 @ 1530 hours. Cause unknown. Smoldering stumps remains. In mop-up operations. | 120 personnel with equipment:  three-20 person crews, 3 tenders, 2 excavators, one dozer and seven-3 person engines. 40 acres. 100% contained. #NorthMillFire

Paterson Slough.   Mid-Columbia National Wildlife Refuge Complex, FWS.  4 miles East of Paterson.  Tall grass. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs.   886 acres. 75% contained.  14 personnel. 3 engines. $75,000 CTD. # PatersonSloughFire


Blanket Creek Fire.   Rouge River-Siskiyou NF. IMT 2. 9 miles NE of Prospect. Timber.
Moderate fire behavior with short crown runs, flanking and group tree torching. Road and trail closures in effect. | 150 acres. 0% containment.  141 personnel. 6 crews. 4 engines. $350,000 CTD. #BlanketCreekFire

Chetco Bar Fire.  Rogue River-Siskiyou NF. NIMO. 16 miles East of Selma, OR. Timber and brush.  | 1,840 acres. 0% contained. 141 personnel. 5 crews. 2 helicopters. $838,000 CTD. #ChetcoBarFire

Crane Fire.  Lake Unit, Oregon DOF. 4 miles SE of Lakeview. Timber. Minimal fire behavior. | 602 acres. 40% contained. 159 personnel. 5 crews. 3 engines. 5 helicopters. $765,000 CTD. #CraneFire

Emerson Fire.   Ochoco NF. 4 miles NE of Madras. Brush and tall grass. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and isolated torching. Structures threatened. Road and area closures in effect. | 10,527 acres. 60% contained. 201 personnel. 7 crews. 16 engines. 1 structure lost. $550,000 CTD. #EmersonFire

Hawk Fire.   Vale District, BLM. 10 miles NW of Jordan Valley, OR. Brush and short grass. Active fire behavior. Residences and sage-grouse habitat threatened. | 1,412 acres. 75% contained. 56 personnel. 12 engines. 1 helicopter. $200,000 CTD. #HawkFire

Indian Creek Fire.  7.5 Mile Camp in the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness. Mt. Hood NF. Started 7/4/2017. Low intensity spread underneath understory of moss and duff. Daily bucket drops of 92,000 gallons from air resources from above have helped reduced the temps and RH, cooling off the fire below. 74 acres. 0% contained.

Upper Mine Fire.  Burns District, BLM. Transfer of command from IMT 2  back to the local unit occurred yesterday. 8 miles South of Fields. Brush and grass. Minimal fire behavior. Structures and sage-grouse habitat threatened. | 4,135 acres. 75% containment. 142 personnel. 3 crews. 12 engines. 1 helicopter. 3 structures. $823,000 CTD. #UpperMineFire

Whitewater Fire.  Willamette NF. IMT 2. Started on BLM land 10 miles east of Idanha. Timber and brush. Active fire behavior with backing, torching and short-range spotting. Structures threatened. Road, trail and area closures in effect. | 85 acres. 15% containment. 161 personnel. 6 crews. 4 helicopters. $200,000 CTD. #WhitewaterFire

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