Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | 4 | Last Update

UPDATE 4 – 7/14/2018 – 0730 hours – Last & Final Update

July 11:  Firefighters focused on mopping up the fire’s edge, removing excess equipment and supplies, starting the demobing process. 1 Helicopter was available if water drops were needed. Weather conditions were becoming more poor as the temps heated up to a near 90*F and RH nearing 20%.  Road and trail closures still in effect. This is the last day NWIMT7 will manage the fire. A Type 3 until will be led by IC Charlies Burns which will continue to mop up and patrol the fire beginning on Friday, July 13, 2018.

July 10:  Firefighters secured fire containment lines.  They were tasked with mopping up on the interior of the fire with hand tools and water, as well as to scout for any rolling debris.  Fire was at 74% containment and 317 acres (306 acres on DNR  land and 11 acres on USFS lands). 364 personnel were assigned.  Level 1 evacuations were lifted but road and trail closures were still in effect.  Some of the fire personnel were released from this fire to assist on the Ryegrass Coulee Fire in Vantage.  No significant fire behavior or growth.  Some portions of this incident will start demobilizing.

UPDATE 3 – 0900 hours – July 9, 2018

Cooler weather has dropped over the fire line helping minimize fire behavior and slowing down the rate of spread on this wildfire near the town of Cashmere in Eastern Washington State.

Photo Credit | WA DNR

There has been 338 acres scorched and crews have reached a successful status of 5% containment, but they are continuing aggressively to obtain all fire objectives.

There are still 270 fire personnel with another 175 en route to help increase containment before the forecasted high winds on Monday, July 9, 2018 to be present.

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NEW | Washington Wildfire | Coyote Ridge Fire | 1

SPOKANE COUNTY, Washington —

UPDATE 1 – 2000 hours PDT

A wildfire is burning on Long Lake in Spokane County, officially named the COYOTE RIDGE FIRE.   This area is also known as Lake Spokane in Nine Mile Falls in Washington State.

Approximately,  0.5 acres of grass, b,rush, slush, reproduction and timber have been consumed.

Resources include AR-26, AR-32, AR-442 and AR-445 were dispatched through the Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center at 1658 hours on Friday, July 13, 2018.

Resources arrived on-scene around 1745 hours PDT.


There was a previous fire on Long Lake Road on the Spokane County side on July 31, 2015 with extreme fire behavior and burning 400 – 500 acres in an hour.  It was about five miles east of Highway 231.

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NEW | Washington Wildfire | Rumsey Road Fire | 1


UPDATE 1 – 1945 hours PDT


A wildfire is burning on Highway 2 at Milepost #330 in Pend O’reille County as of Friday, July 13, 2018.  This area is near Newport, Washington.


Resources include AR-414, AR-63, BENNETT E-31, H-340, HT-42, LT-34 and NC-343 at 1759 hours.  Al resources were on-scene by 1805 hours.


The fire was listed as consuming three acres.  There is a 0% containment status.


Pend O’Reille County Fire District and the POC Sheriff Office


The Pend O’Relle County Sheriff’s Office is handling traffic enforcement for the following areas:

Highway 2 @ MP 330:  Closed about three miles south of Newport).

Highway 2 Detour:  Calispel x 1st Street to Deer Valley in Newport and South Shore to Coyote Trail at Diamond Lake.


The current temps are 88*F with winds at 7 mph with RH at 17%.  Skies are fair. Temps are expected to dip into the 50’s later this evening with partly cloudy skies.

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Washington State | Tieton Reservoir Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 – July 13, 2018 (Friday) – 1915 hours PDT

NACHES, Washington.  A fire is burning at Rimrock Lake, which is a lake along the Tieton River in Yakima County.

The lake about 22 miles west of Yakima on the Tieton River on White Pass.

Fire resources were deployed through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center on Friday, July 13, 2018 at 1809 hours.

Resources include BATT-82, CREW-83, E-381 and E-382.

Current fire weather in the area of Naches are temps of 88*F, partially cloudy with winds at 12 mph and a RH of 27%.

The fire has burned 0.5 acres of grass so far.

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Washington State | SR 512 Fire | Pierce County | 1

Friday, July 13, 2018 – 1900 hours PDT —

A very large brush fire is burning in the area of Vickery, where it reportedly started on SR 512 and Portland Avenue in Pierce County, Washington on Friday, July 13,2 018. The fire had spread to about .5 miles and reached a home in the area, where it is now being impacted directly by fire.

Washington Patrol has only one lane in the westbound direction of SR 512.  All eastbound lanes are open but there are reports of a MVA in the area.

Photo Credit | Orting Valley Firefighters

Incident Cooperators include:  Central Pierce Fire Department, Orting Valley Fire and the Washington State Patrol

No injuries have been reported.

No exact cause is known and is under investigation.


Countywide burn ban in Pierce County begins Thursday, July 12

Due to dry weather, both now and in forecasts, Pierce County’s Fire Marshal, in partnership with the Pierce County Fire Chiefs’ Association, has declared a countywide burn ban effective Thursday, July 12 at 8 a.m., until further notice.

The burn ban applies to all land clearing and yard debris outdoor burning. The ban does not apply to small recreational fires in established fire pits at approved campgrounds or on private property with the owner’s permission.  The use of gas and propane self-contained stoves and barbecues are allowed under the ban.

Recreational fires must:

  • Be built in a metal or concrete fire pit, such as those typically found in designated campgrounds and not be used as debris disposal
  • Grow no larger than three feet in diameter
  • Be located in a clear spot free from any vegetation for at least 10 feet in a horizontal direction, including at least 25 feet away from any structure and allow 20-foot vertical clearance from overhanging branches
  • Be attended at all times by an alert individual and equipment capable of extinguishing the fire, such as hand tools and a charged garden hose or not less than two 5-gallon buckets of water
  • No burning when winds exceed 5 miles per hour

The ban applies only to residents in unincorporated Pierce County. For residents of incorporated Pierce County cities, please contact your local jurisdiction for requirements.

If you have an approved burn permit from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and/or your property falls under the jurisdiction of DNR, you are advised to call 1-800-323-BURN for more information.

For current information, please call the Pierce County Burn Ban hotline at (253) 798-7278.

Sarah Foster, Public Information Officer

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Washington State Wildfire | Enyeart Fire

SIMCO MOUNTAIN, Wash. – A vehicle fire was reported to be burning on Horseshoe Bend Road on Simcoe Mountain on Thursday, July 12, 2018.

The fire has been named the ENYEART FIRE.


Fire was reported to be burning on Horseshoe Bend Road and Simcoe Mountain Road.


Fire assets were dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center at 1550 hours that included SE-700, SE-721 and SE-BARE (IC).


Fire was quickly contained at 1707 hours and under control at 1729 hours.  About 1.8 acres of grass and brush were scorched.


#EnyeartFire #SimcoeMtnFire #KlickitatCoFire #WAwildfires2018


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Washington Wildfire | Trinidad Fire | 2

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Wash. – Update 2 – 2030 hours PDT


We are calling this wildfire the TRINIDAD FIRE because that’s what on the WildCAD that they are using. This fire is also know as the SR 28 FIRE (Grant County Sheriff Office) and SR 28 CRESCENT BAR FIRE (WSP).

Photo Credit | Washington State Patrol PIO Brian Moore

The fire is located on SR 28 at mile marker 19 in Douglas County, Washington State.


The fire is being reported as a 50-acre of grass and brush.  It is currently under control.  No word on the containment status.


The fire incident is considered open and active.

We will provide an update as soon as information is available.


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NEW | Washington Wildfire Has Three Incident Names | 1

QUINCY, Wash. – Update 1- 2015 hours PDT


A wildfire with three names is just as confusing as to the location and the fire resources it has called upon to respond to contain it.

Douglas County Resources

Fire units CREW-6201, CREW-6695, BLM E-6696, BLM H-1MR were just dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center to SR 28 and milemarker 19 (T20 R22 S10) at 1811 hours PDT.

Grant County Resources

Grant County Sheriff’s Office Deputies immediately implemented a Level 3 evacuation order of those on Mansfield Road with those on Crescent Bar Road were told to shelter-in-place.

This wildfire is being called by three different wildfire incident names.

–> SR28 FIRE by the Grant County Sheriff’s office

–> SR28 CRESCENT BAR FIRE by Washington State Patrol

–> TRINIDAD FIRE by the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center


The Washington State Patrol states the cause was due to a vehicle losing a tire.

ALERT –> Traffic Alerts

SR28: At Crescent Bar is now open.

ALERT –> Evacuations

Photo Courtesy | Grant County Sheriff’s Office

All evacuations on the Grant County side have been lifted.  Police state evacuations have been reduced to Level 1 and request that all persons stay off of this roadway.

As a reminder, always yield to Fire apparatus,  as firefighters will still be working in the area and because it is the #MoveOver law.

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NEW WA Wildfire | Beaver Creek Fire | 2

CHELAN COUNTY, Wash. – Update 2 – 2040 PDT

INCIDENT SUMMARY |  Firefighters  from the US Forest Service responded to a wildfire in the Beaver Creek area on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.  It was located 12 miles northeast of Leavenworth on the Wenatchee River Ranger District in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

SIZE | The fire size was reduced down from six acres to two due to an aerial fire recon mission using GPS to give more accurate mapping.

RESOURCES | About 50 firefighters were assigned to this incident along with three helicopters and one retardant drop made.

CURRENT STATUS | Crews had remained overnight.  The fire is now  fully contained.  The cause was determined to be lightning.

CORRECTION  | We inadvertently listed this wildfire as Okanogan County instead of Chelan County. (no more posting when I am tired! Thanks all for your patience and understanding my human caused error.) – Ed.

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Washington Wildfire | Ryegrass Coulee Fire | 5

VANTAGE, Wash. – UPDATE 5 – 1340 hours PDT

INCIDENT SUMMARY –> Date / Time Started

A wildfire named the RYEGRASS COULEE FIRE for its location in Ryegrass Coulee in Vantage, Washington started last night on Monday, July 9, 2018 with first resources dispatched at 2302 hours.

EVACUATIONS –> Town of Vantage

Level 3 evacuations have dropped to Level 2 and Police are allowing residents to return to their homes but are warning them to be alert and aware, in case conditions change and have to leave again.

INCIDENT –> Traffic Alerts

As of noon on Tuesday, July 10th, I-90 at Vantage and the Vantage Highway is are now open in both directions in Vantage. State Patrol has cleared the fire and the incident is now under the direction of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

WSDOT states there are no restrictions to roadways.

CLOSURES –> State Park areas

Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park – until further notice. Washington State Parks is assessing damage to the area.

Wanapum Recreation campground/area is also a secondary site that is being assessed for damage. It too, is closed until further notice.

EVACUATIONS –> Red Cross Shelter

Evacuation Shelter is located at the George Community Hall in George, Washington.  We are unsure if this Shelter is still open or has been closed due to the reduction in the evacuation levels.

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