Post Summary | 2 overnight wildfires popped up and have been added them to our compiled list. Here are the wildfires for the State of Oregon for Thursday, August 10, 2017.


This is a new wildfire that occurred overnight.  It is located on the Umqua National Forest, about 25 miles East of Tiller that is burning in timber and grass.  An IMT 2 team is managing this fire.  So far, 601 acres have been burned.  There is no containment status reached yet.  About 100 personnel are on the fire line or managing the incident, along with 3 crews and 1 helicopter.  The fire behavior is active with creeping, backing and group torching.


The Nena Springs wildfire is also another new wildfire from overnight.  It is located on the Bureau of Indian  Agency managed lands (Warm Springs Agency), about 7 miles NE of Simnasho.  The fire has scorched 14,000 acres of timber and short grass. There is a 0% containment status.  About 114 personnel with 2 crews, 16 engines and 1 helo are battling this blaze.  Fire behavior is extreme with crowning and wind-driven runs. Structures are being threatened. Evacuations are in effect.

View between dark green triangular tree crowns, up across a densely forested hillside. White smoke is billowing up from an unseen source, into blue sky.

Credit: Richard Parrish, NW IMT 13/BLM

The Blanket Creek Fire is located 9 miles NE of Prospect on the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest. Fire crews have held this fire to the same 4,739 acre, stopping the forward rate of spread.  In addition, crews are still at a 39% containment status, which was the same as yesterday’s SitRep. Fire command is currently listed as an IMT 2 team and will transition over to just a IMT 1 team on Friday, August 11, 2017.  Fire behavior has been reduced from active to moderate with torching and spotting.  Structures are still being threatened. No evacuations are in effect at the time of this post. Personnel has remained the same at 77 with the same number of 21 crews, 24 engines and 6 helicopters.  Cost-to-date was $10.9 Million on Wednesday but has risen to a whopping $16.5 Million!


The Devils Lake fire is located about 7 miles of Bly.  Fire has burned the landscapes with 1,706 acres showing the remarkable destruction it has caused.  There is a 93 containment.  Fire personnel of 277 are assigned along with 5 crews, 4 engines and 1 helo.  CTD is $2.5 Million.

Smoke column of the Spruce Lake Fire, August 1, 2017

Spruce Lake by Richard Parrish, BLM/NW IMT 13

As of today, everything remains the same for acreage burned, containment status and resources except for the containment status rising to 31% from 23%  Fire behavior is moderate with isolate torching, flanking and structures still being threatened.


The Whitewater Fire is burning in the Willamette National Forest, about 10 miles from Idanha. There has been 5,515 acres of timber and brush that has been consumed. There is a 0% containment status.  About 661 personnel are assigned to this incident along with 17 crews, 19 engines and 6 helicopters.  A total of fire suppression and containment efforts have reached a total of $6.8 Million to date.

Two men stand by the base of the water bucket from the Chinook helicopter. Part of the water release mechanism is visible.

Standing at the base of a Chinook water bucket. Courtesy: Inciweb

The Indian Creek wildfire is located 20 miles W-SW of Hood River on the Mt. Hood National Forest, about 6 miles South of Cascade Lock.  It is also near 7.5 mile Camp by Eagle Creek Trail #440 in the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness.  The fire started on July 4, 2017 around 1736 hours PDT.  There is a NIMO assigned to this fire incident.  Personnel has dropped from 79 personnel to 48 with one same remaining crew and one helicopter.  The fire remains at 83 acres with a 0% containment status. The total cost-to-date has risen to $1.8 Million from Wednesday’s $1.7 Million.

Bear Butte Fire Smoke Obscures the Sunlight on 8/4/17

Fire on the Bear Butte Fire. Courtesy: Inciweb

About 20 miles NW of Baker City, the Bear Butte Fire’s firefighters tireless efforts are being shown off at this incident.  Only 10 acres have increased overnight and fire crews have brought the containment status up to 50% from 30% within a relative short amount of time.  Personnel has increased up to 511 personnel from 395, along with 13 crews up from 9; 16 engines up from 15 and the same remaining number of helicopters.  The cost-to-date has risen significantly to $2.7 Million up from $1 Million.

This is a photo of some of the burned-over area of the Flounce Fire.

Active fire on the Flounce Fire. Credit: ODF

The Flounce Fire started on State land about 12 miles NW of Shady Cove on the SW Oregon District / Department of Forestry.  More accurate mapping has reduced the destroyed 700 acres number to 690 acres.  As of today, personnel has been increased to 660 from 411 with 28 crews up from 16.  The number of engines rose to 19 from 12  but air resources remained strong at 4.  The CTD had been reflected as $2.5 Million but today the same sources are reported the cost as being reduced to $754,000.

Aug 7, 2017 Looking south at TIncup drainage

Fire burning in a drainage. Courtesy: Inciweb

The Chetco Bar Fire is on the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest and is about 16 miles North of Selma.  There has been 4,821 acres of timber and brush burned.  A 50a% containment status has been reached.  There is a NIMO assigned to this wildfire. The fire behavior is minimal, backing and flanking.  There are 67  personnel assigned along with 2 crews and 1 helo.  There is a $1.8 Million cost-to-date total reached.


Clarks Creek wildfire is located on the La Grande District of the Oregon Department of Forestry that is about 18 miles NE of La Grande, Oregon.  Fire fuels include timber and short grass. As of Thursday, Clarks Creek Fire Managers say about 300 acres have been burned but crews have almost fully contained this fire. While that is the case, does not always mean it is completely out.  Today, there is a 90% containment status.  Fire personnel are listed 45 with 9 engines and 1 helo.  The  CTD as of Thursday is $90,000.

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