SUMMARY | Here are the wildfires for the State of Idaho for Friday, August 11, 2017. NOTE:  Fire CAD Activity Report is not included due to many new wildfires.

Fire in Rush Creek 8/9/17
Fire in Rush Creek on the IBEX Fire. Courtesy/Inciweb


Previously reported.  The IBEX fire is located about 23 miles NW of Challis.  Fire behavior is active with crowning, torching and long-range spotting.  20 personnel are assigned.  Structures are threatened.  Unknown additional resources/equipment are on-scene or the amount of the CTD.


The Power Line wildfire is burning on BIA land managed by the Fort Hall Agency, about 20 miles SW of Pocatello, Idaho.  The fire has burned about 53,076 acres of brush, short grass. Fire behavior is currently minimal that is creeping and smoldering as some rain fell over the fire ground on Tuesday. There are 468 personnel along with 12 crews, 23 engines and 6 helicopters assigned.  The cost-to-date is now $1.8. Million.


The Hanover wildfire is burning on the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forest, about 4 miles NE of Florence.  Timber and brush are currently burning.  Since Thursday, there has been 6,56 acres scorched but fire crews have reached a 15% containment status.  The fire behavior is moderate with uphill runs and long-range spotting.  Structures are still being threatened.  Attached to this incident are 318 personnel with 1 crew, 9 engines and 10 helicopters. CTD is $2.7 Million.


** New! **  The Lone Pine fire is located 43 miles East of Kooskia.  Fire behavior is active with structures being threatened.  There has been 5,292 acres burned but a 0% containment status has been reached. There are 0 personnel or additional resources working this fire. Structures are being threatened. $6,000 CTD.


** New! ** The Moose Creek 1 fire is located 50 miles East of Kooskia.  There is active fire behavior but 4,231 acres have been consumed.  There is a 90% containment status currently.  288 personnel are on the fire line with 6 crews, 5 engines and 1 helo.  CTD is $6.3 Million.


** New ** The Rattlesnake fire is located in the same areas as the Moose Creek 1 Fire, Lone Pine Fire, Mink Peak Fire, Buck Lake Creek Fire, Bleak Fire and Plummer Fire on the Nez Perce – Clearwater NF.  It is also 16 miles East of Dixie.  Fire behavior is moderate with uphill runs, flanking and backing.  There have been 3,810 acres destroyed with a 0% containment status.  There are no other resources on this wildfire.  CTD is $27,000.


** New! ** The Mink Peak fire is located 45 miles EAst of Kooskia on the Nez Perce – Clearwater NF.  Since this was reported 642 acres of timber and grass have been burned.  Fire behavior is active with backing.  There are no resources on this fire.  CTD is $5,000.


** New! ** On the same National Forest, Buck Lake Creek fire is burning about 19 miles NE of Elk City where 364 acres of timber and tall grass have been consumed.  There are no resources on this wildfire and there is no containment status reached.  There is minimal fire behavior at this time.  CTD is $2,000.


** New! ** The Bleak fire is 20 miles NE of Dixie that has minimal fire behavior with backing, flanking and creeping.  About 166 acres have been burned and there is a 0% containment status. $17,000 CTD.


** New! ** The Plummer Fire is located 18 miles West of Dixie and fire behavior is backing, flanking and creeping.  There are no resources assigned to this incident.  150 acres consumed and there is a 0% containment status. $1,000 CTD.

Smoke on the Powerline Fire. Courtesy/Inciweb


Previously reported.  Fire is about 20 miles SW of Pocatello. Fire behavior is minimal but structures are still being reported as being threatened. 55,787 acres have been scorched but it is almost fully contained at 98%.  There are 360 personnel assigned with 8 crews, 17 engines and 4 helicopters. 1 structure has been destroyed. CTD is $3 Million.


Previously reported.  The Highline Fire is located on the Payette National Forest and about 4 miles North of Chamberlain Basin.  About 9,150 acres have been burned.  There is a 0% containment status being reported. 40 personnel remain on the fire line along with 1 helo. Fire behavior remains active and structures are under threat.  CTD is $24,000.


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