Angel Springs Fire | Davenport WA | FINAL UPDATE


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Credit | WA DNR


A wildfire is burning about 7 – 8 miles northeast of Davenport, Washington that started on August 2, 2018 @ 1500 hours PDT by equipment.

8/12/2018 1100 PDT
5,046 acres. 95% contained. Firefighters on Saturday kept the fire within containment lines despite heavy wind conditions which would cause significant events such as knocking down snags within the fire perimeter. Crews also worked on extensive mop up and repair work on fences and lines. 214 personnel remain with engines checking & putting out hot spots. More resources will be released throughout the day. | FINAL UPDATE

8/11/2018 – 2130 PDT

5,046 acres. 90% contained. Minimal fire behavior. 351 personnel. 6 crews. 43 engines. 3 helos. 14 structures lost. 170 structures threatened. Some crews released today. $4.6M CTD.

8/10/2018  – 1945 PDT

5,081 acres. 60% contained. 14 structures burned. 180 threatened. 564 personnel. 13 crews. 3 helicopters. 68 engines.

8/9/2018 2000 PDT

5.081 acres. 60% contained. IC IMT Goldman. Minimal Fire behavior. 564 personnel. 13 crews, 68 engines and 3 helicopters. 14 structures have been lost. $3.3M.

8/8/2018 – 2100 PDT

5,043 acres. 35% contained with continued moderate fire behavior with uphill runs, observed isolated torching and backing. Cause is still unknown and under investigation.

There are 549 personnel along with 12 crews, 3 helos and 72 engines. Fire resources are pouring from the National Guard, Canada and Australia.

170 homes are threatened with 4 already destroyed along with 10 other structures which totals to 14 buildings. Fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have reached $2,200,000.

8/6/2018 – 2145 PDT

Spokane County Fire District 8 Firefighters worked throughout the night on August 5th on the fire line and conducting burn out operations on the day of the 6th. Additional resources from Lincoln County Fire Districts 4 and 5, WA DNR, Federal, State and local agencies have come together collectively through fire suppression and containment efforts. Local farmers have gathered together to help build fire lines across their fields, as well as mineral soil to aid firefighters to stop the spread of the fire.

Per fire sources this morning, here is what we know so far (please be patient, things change so rapidly): 4,500 ares of timber, grass and brush. 15% contained. 2 structures lost. 170 threatened. 1 minor structure burned and one other threatened. 272 personnel with 8 crews, 3 helicopters and 45 engines.

On August 5th: Fire on NE portion was very active with visible fire and smoke throughout the day and night. Efforts focused in this area with crews, engines and dozers. Crews used air resources to their advantage including super scoopers dipping out of the Spokane River arm of Lake Roosevelt.

8/5/2018 – 1145 PDT

Started 8/2/2018. Cause unknown. 4,500 acres. 0% contained. 60 homes threatened, 1 destroyed. Other minor structures threatened, 1 destroyed. 160 personnel. 3 crews, 25 engines. Fire located in steep canyons w/rugged terrain.

8/4/2018 –  2030 PDT

Level 2 and 3 evacuations have been issued and assistance through Washington State Fire mobe have arrived on the fire line. The Northeast WA Interagency IMT with IC Eddie Lewis, a Type 3 has assumed command of the fire yesterday around 0600 hours. Cause is still unknown and under investigation.

4,700 acres scorched. 0% contained.

8/4/2018 – 0121 PDT

Initial call fire info – Angel Springs Rd, Lincoln County. Grass, brush, reproduction, timber. AR IC as of 8/2 1642 PDT. Resources dispatched BC 51 FP 13 FP 18 HI 35 NC 40+Crew NC 41+Crew NE 06 NE 12 at 1448 PDT. TYPE 3 TEAM IN PLACE – IC LEWIS / LOVE. TYPE 2 TEAM ORDERED.

8/3/2018 – 2300 PDT

160 firefighters. 4,500 ac. 0% containment. Dayshifters (FFs) are home (local Fire District) getting much-needed rest and sleep, will be back out on the fire line on Day 3. Night operations in effect with structure protection. Active Fire behavior with running, spotting and group torching. 2 structures destroyed (1 home and 1 outbuilding).

8/3/2018 – 0956 PDT

Aircraft and other resources dispatched from Roberts Field -Redmond Municipal Airport. Angel Springs Aerial Support. Lat/Lon 47 44.898, -118 4.500 dispatched through the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center.

8/2/2018 – 2030 PDT

Resources were dispatched around 1557 hours PDT today to a wildfire producing a large smoke plume about five miles north of Reardan which included engines fire boss airplanes and hand crews. (Video as of 1800 hours PDT – Courtesy NE WA IMT) 170 acres. 60% containment achieved. 6 structures threatened. 1 lost.  Gusty wind conditions are making fire suppression efforts challenging.


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Carr Fire | Whiskeytown, California

Update 1 – August 9, 2018 – 2130 hours PDT


  • Started 7/23/2018 @ 1315 hours
  •  Unified Command with CAL FIRE – Shasta – Trinity Unit, Redding City Fire and Whiskeytown National Park.
  • It  is located at Hwy 299 and Carr Powerhouse Rd, Whiskeytown, CA.


  • 352 engines
  • 125 water tenders
  • 16 helicopters
  • 76 hand crews
  • 118 bulldozers
  • 4,710 personnel


  • PG&E
  • CA National Guard
  • Shasta County Sheriff
  • CHP
  • Redding Police Department
  • Shasta County Fire Department
  • Shasta County Public Works
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Maine Fores Rangers
  • CCC
  • State Parks
  • CDCR
  • Red Cross
  • Silicon Valley Power
  • Redding Electric
  • WAPA
  • Santa Rosa FD
  • California National Guard,
  • Trinity OES
  • Trinity County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Secretary Sonny Perdue
  • AT&T
  • Shasta County Probation Dept
  • City of Redding/Carr Fire Recovery website:


  • Samaritans Purse
  • State of California
  • United Way Nor Cal
  • Salvation Army Del Oro with Bethel Church in Redding (Partnership)
  • Dignity Medial Group – putting their patients first with the aid of their staff, firefighters and 1st Responders
  • Team Rubicon


  • 178,752 acres
  • 49% contained
  • Cause was due to a mechanical failure of a vehicle


  • 1,077 homes
  • 22 commercial structures
  • 500 outbuildings


  • 191 homes
  • 26 commercial structures
  • 65 outbuildings damaged


  • 528 structures are currently being threatened.


Reported 12 lives – we are working to gather the names from verified sources. Note: we will only publish names and info if it already has been published by verified Fire or Law Enforcement Agencies out of respect for their families.

7/26/2018:  Redding FD Fire Inspector, JEREMY STOKE, 37

8/05/2018:  PG & E Lineman, JAY AYETA, 21

8/09/2018:   CAL FIRE Heavy Equipment Mechanic, ANDREW BRAKE, 40.



  • Whiskey Park
  • Rainbow Lake


  • Buckhorn Summit Rd W. to Sandhouse Rd.
  • All roads w/in this area North of Hwy 299.
  • Deadwood Road East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Lewiston Turn Pike East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Trinity Dam at Trinity Dam Blvd





  • Disaster Recovery Center, Old Kmart Building, 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96003

California Carr Fire survivors can receive in-person disaster assistance at the Disaster Recovery Center located in the Former Kmart building at 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96002 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. For more information, visit #ShastaCounty










SVP crews roll a 115kV utility pole uphill.


proud of Strike Team 1002A enroute to to provide crew support for the thousands of firefighters on the line. has dozens of firefighters & specialists assigned to major wildfires in Nor. Cal.

#CarrFire #CALFire

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South Valley Rd Fire | 10 Miles SW of Dufur, Oregon

UPDATE 2:  8/8/2018 2033 PDT

20,026 acres with an 80% containment status. 212 homes threatened with additional 3 have been consumed along with 15 outbuildings. Cause is still under investigation.

Courtesy: Inciweb

Crews are still locating and marking hot spots during the night shift while they are in patrol mode the fire perimeter. Dayshift crews were tasked with digging out the marked areas to remove the heat. Increased containment has allowed some crews to be released to get rest, heavily hydrate and to watch out for each other.

420 personnel with 10 crews, 4 helicopters and 28 engines.

An Excessive Heat Watch remains in effect as temps were expected to climb into the 100-102*F range and RH to drop into the teens. Winds were also due to increase in the afternoon into the evening with W-NW gusts to 15-20 mph.

All evacuations were reduced by the Sheriff’s Office to Level 1 as of Sunday, 8/5/2018 1730 hours. However, with the fire conditions becoming more adverse as weather may impact the fire – everyone should have keen situational awareness and be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

UPDATE 1:  8/7/2018 2130 PDT

This wildfire was ignited by an unknown cause on 8/1/2018. there have been 3 homes burned and 15 outbuildings destroyed, leaving 212 residential homes still being threatened.

There has been 20,026 acres destroyed. There is a 65% containment status.

426 personnel, 9 crews, 4 helicopters and 29 engines are staffing this wildfire.

#SouthValleyRoadFire    #ORwildfires2018

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NEW | Washington Wildfire Has Three Incident Names | 1

QUINCY, Wash. – Update 1- 2015 hours PDT


A wildfire with three names is just as confusing as to the location and the fire resources it has called upon to respond to contain it.

Douglas County Resources

Fire units CREW-6201, CREW-6695, BLM E-6696, BLM H-1MR were just dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center to SR 28 and milemarker 19 (T20 R22 S10) at 1811 hours PDT.

Grant County Resources

Grant County Sheriff’s Office Deputies immediately implemented a Level 3 evacuation order of those on Mansfield Road with those on Crescent Bar Road were told to shelter-in-place.

This wildfire is being called by three different wildfire incident names.

–> SR28 FIRE by the Grant County Sheriff’s office

–> SR28 CRESCENT BAR FIRE by Washington State Patrol

–> TRINIDAD FIRE by the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center


The Washington State Patrol states the cause was due to a vehicle losing a tire.

ALERT –> Traffic Alerts

SR28: At Crescent Bar is now open.

ALERT –> Evacuations

Photo Courtesy | Grant County Sheriff’s Office

All evacuations on the Grant County side have been lifted.  Police state evacuations have been reduced to Level 1 and request that all persons stay off of this roadway.

As a reminder, always yield to Fire apparatus,  as firefighters will still be working in the area and because it is the #MoveOver law.

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WA Wildfire | Yakima Canyon Fire Changes Name

UPDATE 2 – 0945 PDT

The Yakima Canyon Fire has officially changed their incident name to the SCORPION COULEE FIRE which was burning on Yakima Canyon Road in the Yakima River on the Kittitas County side.

Fire has destroyed 300 acres with an unknown containment status but we are guessing from information from eyewitness accounts – that the fire may be fully contained.  Crews worked throughout the night in battling this blaze.

Sightings by those in the area, reported the fire cresting the ridge top and wind blowing flames south on the Eaton ranch.

The Incident Command Post or ICP is located at the reds Fly Shop on SR 821 in Ellensburg.

Resources assigned to this incident included four DNR units.  Reports of some resources being released at 0400 hours were unconfirmed.  Others stated as of this morning update, there were no other signs of smoke or fire on the ridges seen.

The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office issued and worked to evacuate residents last night during Level 1 and 2 orders.

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NEW | Utah Wildfire | Dollar Ridge Fire

UPDATE 1 | 0830 hours PDT


As of this morning, the fire has destroyed 47,683 acres. Fire crews have been able to reach a 5% containment status.

The fire is burning eight miles west of Duchesne, Utah was mostly active along the southwest flank to the west toward the Strawberry Reservoir. Super Scoopers are on this fire and are being used heavily by scooping out of the Reservoir.  They can carry up to a payload of 1,550 gallons per load.

Structure protection prepping activities are in effect for the Red Creek Road with expectation with the fire reaching the area in the very near future.


The fire was reported around 1300 hours on July 1, 2018.   No exact cause has been released by Fire Officials. Fire cause was deemed to be human related.  An investigation of the ignition continues by Law Enforcement Officials.


There are 719 total fire personnel along with resources include 11 helicopters, 42 engines and 17 crews from the State of Utah and the U.S. Forest Service.


Evacuees in Zone 3 from Sams Wash Rd, MP 70 eastern to the western edge of Starvation Reservoir from MP 80 to 1 mile south of Strawberry River Rd have received the green light to return to their homes at 1000 hours MDT.

Photo Credit | UT Fire Info


New fire detection map includes infrared overflight near Fruitdale and the Strawberry Reservoir. Lots of heat on the northwest, spots shown to the east.

Photo Credit | @MappingSuport


Insurance Info

Read about insurance tips and what to do during a Wildfire Season, brought to you by the Utah Insurance Department via the State of Utah.

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NEW | WA Wildfire | Yakima Canyon Fire | Update 1

ELLENSBURG, Wash. – A 50-75 acre fire has broken out off of SR 821 across Reds Fly Shop, a Yakima River guide company serving the Ellensburg area.   Eyewitnesses are beginning to report that the fire is said to be cresting the first ridge, east of I-82.

Law Enforcement is assisting residents with Level 1 and 2 evacuations southeast to Burbank.  The fire is burning in Yakima Canyon in Kittitas County.

Fire behavior is active with a moderate rate of spread.

SR 821 at Thrall Road is shutting down by Police.

Resources are beginning to pour into the area.

Limited information is available.

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Washington Wildfire | Virgil Way Fire

NINE MILE, Wash. – Firefighters from the Stevens County Fire District 1 and Washington State DNR were dispatched to a brush fire on Virgil Way around 1316 hours  on Thursday, July 5, 2018, to a brush fire burning on Virgil Way.

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature


The Virgil Way Fire was located behind the former Dirty Shame  and towards Long Lake.

Image may contain: tree and outdoor


Fire behavior was observed as active with uphill runs and wind-driven.  A single aircraft was used for a few drops over the fire.  Crews tirelessly worked on the fire line, successfully reaching all fire objectives.  The fire as of 1500 hours was estimated to be at 4.5 acres and under control.

Crews were tasked with staying on-scene late in the day and returning for mop-up operations on Friday.


Resources included eight engines and 20-person hand crews.


All photos are the credit of the Stevens County Fire District 1.

We are using hashtags #VirgilWayFire #StevensCountyFire #WAwildfires2018


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Utah Wildfire | Hidden Valley Fire | 1

IRON COUNTY, Utah – A massive wildfire is burning in the County.  Here is the Sit Rep for Thursday, June 28, 2018.


The fire started on Wednesday, June 27th around 1459 hours from an unknown cause, that is under investigation.

Photo Credit | GBCC


The fire is located:

  • 10 miles N of St. George
  • 26 miles SW of Cedar City
  • 1 mile E of Gardner Peak
  • 3 miles NE of Pine Valley Campground
  • N of the Pine Valley Wilderness Area
  • Between Pine Valley and Harmony
  • Dixie National Forest
  • Pine Valley Ranger District


Resources include 50 personnel along with eight engines, six hand crews, two helicopters, four SEATs, two AA platforms are on-scene of the incident.  Five additional hand crews are on order.


The fire has burned 2,000 acres of timber, mountain brush and grass which has a zero containment status.

Fire behavior is active with spotting and torching.   There are RED FLAG conditions and are expected to continue in to Friday.

The fire has been fueled and windy conditions.

Reports of the fire being seen from multiple locations within the Iron and Washington Counties.


Cost-to-date has reached $600,000.


“The temp was at a stunning 81* F temps at 0640 hours this morning!”

#WestValleyFire #UTwildfires2018


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California Wildfire | Anchor Fire | 1

HILLS VALLEY,  Calif. – CAL FIRE fire crews were on-scene of a 25-acre brush fire on Wednesday, June 27th.  The fire is burning on Hills Valley x Anchor in Fresno County.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE


CAL FIRE / Fresno County Fire Department with CHP Central Division, CAL Trans and Fresno County CA.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE


1748 | Fire has increased slightly to 76 acres along with containment at 50%.  Crews are busy reinforcing containment lines.  Fire fuels include heavy oak mortality area.  Crews are working on mopping up.

1518 | DOT has reopened SR 63 (all lanes).

1449 | Crews are making good progress on the fire with it being held at 50 acres with a 10% containment status. Hwy 63 is closed between 180 and American Avenue.

1329 | CAL FIRE firefighters battling a 25-acre brush fire.  Additional aircraft is on order.

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