Post Summary | A new wildfire was reported in by Fire Managers.  We are including the newest wildfire in our recap for Saturday, August 12, 2017. Thank you for reading our post!

Smokey on the Falcon Complex Fire. Courtesy/Inciweb


This is a new wildfire that started on Thursday night.  It is located on the Umqua National Forest, about 25 miles East of Tiller that is burning in timber and grass.  An IMT 2 team is managing this fire.  Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, torching and spotting. Structures are still under threat. 425 acres burned with a 10% containment status today. 332 personnel with 8 crews, 19 engines and 1 helo are listed as resources. CTD $396,000.


The Nena Springs wildfire is also another new wildfire from Thursday night.  It is located on the Bureau of Indian  Agency managed lands (Warm Springs Agency), about 7 miles NE of Simnasho.  According to Saturday’s report, the fire has remained at 34,000 acres with no movement which is good news for fire managers.  There is a 15% containment reached.  Fire behavior remains active with torching.  Structures are under threat but no evacuations are in effect. 227 personnel are assigned with 7 crews, 4 engines and 2 helos. 10 structures have been lost. CTD $1 Million.


6,756 acres burned. 15% containment status. 325 personnel along with 7 crews, 9 engines and 3 helos are assigned to this incident.  Fire behavior is moderate with uphill runs and long-range spotting. Structures are threatened.


The Blanket Creek Fire is located 9 miles NE of Prospect on the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest. Fire behavior has been reduced to minimal that is smoldering and creeping. Structures are still at risk. 4,820 acres consumed and crews have reached a 41% containment status.  741 personnel with 20 crews, 23 engines and 9 helos are attached on this incident. CTD $13.9 Million.


Spruce Lake fire behavior is unknown on this day. 4,885 acres have been burned. There is a 35% containment status. 405 personnel with 16 crews, 6 engines and 12 helos are deployed on this wildfire.

Scooper Plane over Detroit Lake

Fire suppression aircraft is another key to fire containment. Here is a Airtanker over Detroit Lake on the Whitewater Fire. Courtesy/Inciweb


The Whitewater Fire is burning in the Willamette National Forest, about 10 miles from Idanha. About 5,870 acres have been burned.  There is no containment on this runaway fire.  665 personnel are deployed on this fire along with 18 crews, 19 engines and 9 helicopters.  An IMT1 will take over the helm of as the new the Fire Management team on Monday, August 14, 2017.  Fire behavior is moderate with creeping, backing and smoldering.  Structures are still at risk. CTD $10.3 Million.


The Indian Creek wildfire is located 20 miles W-SW of Hood River on the Mt. Hood National Forest, about 6 miles South of Cascade Lock.  It is also near 7.5 mile Camp by Eagle Creek Trail #440 in the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness.  The fire started on July 4, 2017 around 1736 hours PDT.  Fire behavior has been reduced to minimal activity with creeping and smoldering. There have been 83 acres burned but fire crews have reached a 10% containment status. 46 personnel are assigned along with 1 crew and a single helicopter. CTD is $2 Million.

USAID emergency responder team at Bear Butte ICP

There are many Incident Cooperators on wildfires, here is the USAID emergency response team on the Bear Butte Fire. Courtesy/Inciweb


About 20 miles NW of Baker City, a wildfire is burning called the Bear Butte Fire that has been reduced from a moderate to a minimal fire behavior with single tree torching, smoldering and creeping. Structures are still at risk.

Fire Crews listen in on the morning briefing

The faces behind those working on the Flounce Fire at a briefing. Courtesy/Inciweb


The Flounce Fire started on State land about 12 miles NW of Shady Cove on the SW Oregon District / Department of Forestry.  Fire behavior has been reduced to minimal activity with creeping and smoldering.  Structures are threatened. 690 acres damaged.  45% containment status. 759 personnel attached to this incident with 32 crews, 24 engines and 9 helicopters. $2.1 Million CTD.


Dozers help firefighters with containment lines. They are vital to fire line operations. Courtesy/Inciweb


The Chetco Bar Fire is on the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest and is about 16 miles North of Selma.  Fire behavior is moderate with flanking, backing and with uphill runs. 5,286 acres scorched and a 14% containment status has been reached.  73 personnel and 1 crew with a single helo are on-scene.  CTD is $2 Million.

JONES FIRE **New! **

This new wildfire popped up from overnight’s activities.  It is being reported as being located on the Willamette NF, about 10 miles NW of Lowell.  Timber and grass are its fire fuels.  There has been 405 acres burned and has a 0% containment status.  Fire behavior is extremely active with running, flanking and long-range spotting. 56 personnel with 1 crew, 4 engines and 1 helo are deployed on the fire line. Structures are in danger. No evacuations are in effect at the time of this posting.  CTD is $60,000.


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