Post  Summary | Thank you for reading our post.  Here are updates on previously reported and new fires from overnight. We have missed a few new ones but we’ll get them on our compiled list on Monday. Wishing all of you safe journeys wherever they may take you and remember to be safe out there with fire. Those on the fire line, thank you for what you are doing out there to save lives and property.

Here is our compiled list for Washington wildfires for Sunday, August 13, 2017.

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Mid-Columbia National Wildlife Refuge – 10 miles W of Othello, Washington

The East Saddle Mtn Fire started in the late afternoon on Saturday, August 12, 2017, just outside of Royal City.  We had the opportunity to visit the area about 2 hours after the fire started and with front-row seats to the unfolding fire starting at the top of the hillside running and spotting down below. We will be doing an in-depth coverage of this fire in a separate post with photos, etc.  According to sources, the ICP moved to Othello in Adams County. Overnight, the fire has destroyed over 10,000 acres and had a zero containment status. State mobe was approved late last night where mutual aid was seen from Grant County Fire District 5 and other surrounding districts, fire departments pouring into the area.  Prior to State Mobe approval/resources inbound, there were 19 personnel , 4 Engines, 1 helicopter and a VLAT dropping water and retardant.


The Jolly Mountain Fire is located in the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF, about 13 miles NW of Cle Elum, Washington.  We passed the ICP where it was located at one of the town’s schools.  They were not putting firefighters into the field due to being too dangerous for them, so it has been a wait-and-see for these Fire folks.  According to sources, fire fuels include timber.  Active fire behavior, torching and spotting is occurring. 600 acres and growing. There is a 0% containment status. 25 personnel are assigned with one crew. $500,000 CTD so far.


 Colville National Forest – 6 miles SE of Metaline Falls, Washington

The Noisy Creek Fire’s behavior is still being reported as active with backing, flanking, group torching.  Structures are still are under threat. About 3,870 acres have been scorched but there has been a 41% containment status reached. 308 personnel with 6 crews, 10 engines and 3 helicopters are on-scene.  CTD is $3.9 Million.


Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest – 25 miles N of Winthrop, Washington

The Diamond Creek wildfire’s fire behavior on this Saturday is extremely active with uphill runs and long-range spotting.  23,650 acres have been destroyed and fire crews have successfully a 5% containment around the fire.  149 personnel are assigned along with 3 crews, 5 engines and 4 helicopters. CTD is $2.9 Million.


Colville Agency – BIA – 11 miles NE of Keller

The Bridge Creek Fire started on Thursday which has burned up to 1,000 acres and with a 0% containment status.  There are 153 personnel attached to this incident with 2 crews, 2 engines and 1 helo.  Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, short-range spotting and torching.  CTD is $850,000.


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