Active Wildfires | Northern Rockies | August 19 2017

Post Summary | Want to know what’s happening in other regions? The Northern Rockies consist of fires in Idaho and Montana.

(Graphic) Map of Northern Rockies Geographic Area Daily Fire Weather Outlook

Please NOTE:  We are still providing fire information in the NW but we also covering stories in other regions as well.

Here is our recap for Idaho and Montana which is part of the Northern Rockies region.  This is for Saturday, August 19, 2017.

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A column is coming up in the Carlton Creek area as the fire behavior increases.

Fire column coming up Carlton Creek area on the Lolo Peak Fire. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Lolo NF.  Type 1 IMT. 10 miles SW of Lolo, MT.  Closed end timber liter and timber (litter/understory). Lightning caused. Extreme fire behavior with crowning, running and spotting. 18,896 acres. 0% contained. 655 personnel. 14 crews, 27 engines, 6 helicopters. 850 residences under evacuation order. 750 homes under evacuation warning. 10 structures lost. Structures threatened. Evacuations in effect. $18.8 Million CTD.



When a sunset photobombs a large wildfire – you get a wild-looking fire image on the Sunrise Fire. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Lolo NF.  Type 1 IMT of this wildfire, plus Burdette Fire. 11 miles SE of Superior MT. Lightning caused. Timber and brush.  Active fire behavior with short-crown runs, short-range spotting and backing. 24,784 acres. 35% containment. 585 personnel. 10 crews, 46 engines, 7 helicopters. Threats to homes, I-90, Montana Rail Link, transmission lines and to other structures. Evacuations in effect. $21.5 Million CTD. Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.


Burdette Fire creeping and smoldering 7/26/17

This is what creeping and smoldering fire looks like. This is on the Burdette Fire on 7/26/2017. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Lolo NF. IMT 1 of this wildfire also managing Sunrise Fire.  13 miles SE of Tarkio, MT.  Lightning caused. Timber. Min fire behavior with creeping and smoldering. 649 acres.  Petty Creek and Fish Creek areas could be part of a threat. 90% contained. 3 personnel. 0 resources. $1.2 Million CTD. Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.


Firing Operations on the Goat Creek Fire July 31

Firing operations on the Goat Creek Fire. Taken on 7/31/2017. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Lolo NF. IMT 2.  (3 fires).  Type 2 IMT.  15 miles SE of Clinton and 25 miles SE of Missoula, MT.  Lightning caused.  Complex includes Sliderock Fire, Goat Creek Fire and Little Hogback Fire.   Timber (litter, grass and understory) and closed timber. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs, group torching and long-range spotting. 36,056 acres. 42% contained 558 personnel. 9 crews, 41 engines and 6 helicopters. 1 structure lost.  Multiple homes, commercial properties, BPA power lines, a communication site and other structures are threatened. Evacuations in effect.  $22.2 Million CTD.  Estimated containment status is 10/31/2017.


Lolo NF. 6 miles North of Seeley Lake and 7 miles East of Eureka, MT. Timber (grass and understory). Lightning caused.  Type 2 IMT.  Extreme fire behavior with crowning, group torching and spotting. 14,834 acres. 62% contained.  573 personnel. 9 crews, 32 engines, 4 helicopters.  Town of Seeley Lake and outlying communities are threatened. $14.3 Million CTD. Anticipated containment is 10/1/2017.


A night time picture that shows flames in the understory of ponderosa pine trees

When fire hits ponderosa pine trees on the Gilbralter Ridge Fire. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Kootenai NF.   Type 2 IMT.   7 miles East of Eureka, MT. Timber. Lightning caused. Active fire behavior with creeping, torching and spotting. Homes being threatened.   Evacuation warnings in effect. 2,884 acres. 13% contained. 424 personnel. 7 crews, 27 engines and 3 helos. $5.4 Million CTD.  Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.


View of Fire Activity as of 6:00 p.m.

Large column on the Meyers Fire. Photo taken on 8/18/2017 @ 1800 hours. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Beaverhead – Deerlodge NF. IMT 2. 4 miles NE of Florence, ID.  Timber, brush and grass. Moderate fire behavior with flanking, uphill runs and short-range spotting.  Structures under threat. Evacuations n the Frog pond area are in effect. 14,151 acres. 5% contained. 451 personnel. 11 crews, 10 engines and 4 helos. $17.5 Million CTD.


Smoke rises up from the Hanover Fire near Halls Gulch drainage

Fire near the Halls Gulch drainage on the Hanover Fire. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Nez Perce – Clearwater NF. Type 2 IMT.  4 miles NE of Florence and 17 miles NW of Riggins, ID. Lightning caused. Timber, brush and grass. Moderate fire behavior with flanking, uphill runs and short-range spotting. Structures threatened including many residences, lookout structures, active mine, grazing and communication sites are under threat.  13,716 acres. 35% contained. 315 personnel. 3 crews, 8 engines and 3 helos. $6.9 Million CTD.  Estimated containment is 10/15/2017.


A bulldozer in the background with recently disturbed road surface in the foreground

A dozer working on a roadway on the Tamarack Fire. Taken on 8/18/2017. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Northwestern Land Office, Montana DNR. IMT 2. IMT also managing the Peoples Creek Fire.  Started on forest service land 22 miles NW of Marion, MT.  Timber.  Active fire behavior with group and single-tree torching and backing.  Threatened are Lookouts, high tension power lines and timber investments. 340 acres. 40% contained. 212 personnel. 4 crews, 10 engines. $1.6 Million CTD.  Estimated containment is 10/1/2017.



Northwestern Land Office, Montana DNR. Started on private land 9 miles East of Libby, MT.  Timber and grass. Min fire behavior. 77 acres. 90% contained. 10 personnel.2 engines. $365,000 CTD.


Firefighter at work

Firefighters on the fire line on the Liberty Fire. (Credit: Kari Greer/Inciweb)

Flathead Agency, BIA.  IMT 2. 17 miles SE of Arlee, MT.  Timber.  Lightning caused. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs, group torching and long-range spotting.  Structures under threat including cultural and timber resources, plus endangered species habitat. 5,813 acres. 90% contained. 252 personnel. 2 crews, 8 engines and 1 helo. $9.5 Million CTD.  Estimated containment is 9/25/2017.


Fire activity on the afternoon of 7/20. Taken bu Security Officer Duggan.

Smoke column on the Park Creek Fire. Taken on 7/20/2017. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Helena – Lewis and Clark NF.   Fire Command transferred from IMT 2 to local unit on Friday, 8/18/2017.  2 miles North of Lincoln, MT.  Timber.  Lightning caused. Moderate fire behavior.  6,632 acres. 50% contained. 178 personnel. 4 crews, 8 engines and 1 helo. $9.6 Million CTD. Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.


Helena – Lewis and Clark NF. 6 miles NW of Lincoln, MT.  Timber.  Lightning caused.  Moderate fire behavior. Structures under threat.  5,810 acres. 41% contained. 24 personnel. 3 engines. $3.9 Million CTD. Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.

Taken on the Beaver reek Road, below the Arrastra Trailhead on road 1804A

Arrastra Fire taken on 7/20/2017. (Courtesy/Inciweb)


Idaho Panhandle NF. 16 miles SE of Avery, ID. Timber and brush. Human caused. Min fire behavior.  132 acres. 60% contained. 72 personnel. 2 crew. 3 helos. $1.4  Million CTD.  Estimated containment is 10/10/2017.


A small white smoke column is visible from across a lake, surrounded by timber.

Smoke column visible from across Flathead Lake. (Credit: Kim Kelly/Fire Ecologist. Courtesy/Inciweb)

Flathead Agency, BIA.  10 miles NE of Polson, MT. Timber.  Lightning caused. Active fire behavior with single-tree and group torching and uphill runs. 270 acres. 10% contained. 104 personnel. 3 crews, 2 engines and 4 helos. Commercial timber, cultural and rec areas threatened. $1 Million CTD.  Estimated containment is 8/25/2017.


Blackfeet Agency. BIA.  10 miles NE of St. Mary and 7 miles East of Babb, MT. Timber, brush and short grass. Human caused. Active fire behavior with flanking, torching and wind-driven runs. 3,010 acres. 20% containment. 32 personnel. 7 engines, 1 helo. 1 structure destroyed. Multiple homes threatened.  $85,000 CTD. Estimated containment is 8/25/2017.


Looking East 8-18-2017

Looking East on the Scalp Fire. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Bow Mountain n the Bob Marshall Wilderness and 3 miles South of Gooseberry Cabin in MT. Lightning caused. Started 8/15/2017 around 1900 hours. Fire is being managed for resource benefit/natural ecological role. The fire is visible from both Spotted Bear and Beartop Lookouts.  It is being managed by the Spotted Bear Ranger District. 30 acres. 0% contained. Timber, heavy timber and snags.  Active fire behavior including pocket torching, short-range spotting and re-burning uphill.


Looking East on 8-15-2017

Looking eastward on the Dolly Varden Fire. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Flathead NF.  Reported around 1930 hours on 8/15/2017. 5.5 miles SE of Schafer Meadows Work Center above Dolly Varden Creek in the Great Bear Wilderness in MT.  Fire being managed as a resource benefit. 3 personnel. 10 acres. Timber, heavy timber and snags. Moderate fire activity with single-tree and pocket torching, some uphill runs and moving eastward.


Group torching on the north end of the fire.

Group torching on the Northern end of the fire on the Monahan Fire. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Located between Monahan Mountain (Lolo NF) and Little Apex Mountain (Flathead NF). Being managed as natural ecological fire. This is based out of the Spotted Bear Ranger District office. Reported at 2000 hours on 7/23/2017. Lightning caused. Smoke can be seen from the Ovando and Helmville areas. 11 personnel. 1,895 acres. Unknown containment status. Fire is burning in timber, short grass, subalpine fir and in heavy dead/down woody fire fuels.  Estimated containment is 10/1/2017.


Goat Creek & Sliderock PM Fire Activity 7/23/17

Goat Creek Fire on 7/23/2017. (Courtesy/Inciweb)

Part of the Sapphire Complex and along with Slide Rock, Little Hogback Fire.  Started 7/24/2017. Lolo NF. Lightning caused. 6 miles South of Bonita Guard Station and 1 mile EAst of Rock Creek Road on Missoula Ranger District.  In remote terrain. 8,100 acres. 83% contained. Timber, litter, grass and understory.


Part of the Sapphire Complex and included other wildfires Sliderock Fire, Goat Creek Fires.  This wildfire started on 7/13/2017 around 1751 hours. Fire being managed by the Northern Rockies IMT 2 IC. Located 27 miles SE of Missoula, MT.  Lightning caused.  Burning in remote terrain.  27,071 acres. 16% contained.  Burning in timber, litter, grass and understory.

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