Oregon’s #MilliFire Near Sisters Still Active | August 26 2017


Smoldering tree trunk

A smoldering tree trunk of many burns in the middle of the forest.

Current Fire Conditions

A wildfire broke out on the Deschutes National Forest, about 9 miles West of Sisters, Oregon on August 11, 2017 (1442 hours).  It is still burning and threatening homes.

Day shift crews will continue with burnout operations to strengthen fire lines.  Fire crews are stating these the burnouts have been successful so far.  A second burnout operation is ongoing on the North side of the fire in a block of land between Forest Service Road 1030 and OR 242 that is just about complete. More crews are monitoring in that area to ensure the fire has not escaped the exterior containment fire lines.

Fire suppression efforts are just about finished on the South side as well.  This along Forest Service 15.

There have been 13,485 acres burned and a 32% containment status reached.

torching tree

A single-tree torching.

Fire Behavior

The fire is burning in timber and is said to have a moderate fire behavior with some isolated torching.  Fire managers are reporting the fire is actively backing down the Black Crater to the West and North slopes.

Predictions are being made in the Lava Camp Lake will not suffer any extensive damage due to a low amount of fire fuels in the area.

heavy equipment

Heavy equipment read to enter Division Echo.


There are about 683 personnel assigned along with 17 crews, 4 helicopters and 33 engines.  Command is the SWA IMT Team 2.

Incident Cooperators for this fire are the Deschutes Sheriff’s Office and Deschutes National Forest.

Weather Conditions

It has been more warm and drier which will continue throughout the weekend.  The fire is active on the West side and burning into the wilderness. Depending on future conditions, the fire behavior can become active producing more increased flames and heavy smoke.

Plume from Black Butte Lodge restaurant

A plume of heavy smoke can be seen from the Black Butte Lodge restaurant across the Valley.


Closures.  As of Saturday, August 26, 2017, the fire closure area will slightly be reduced.  Changes to t he closure include the opening of Forest Road 16, the campgrounds at Three Creeks Lake, Tam MacArthur Rim and the Petersen Ridge trail system, East of Forest of Road 16. Due to wildland firefighting, all roads West of Forest Road will still remain closed.

Evacuation Orders. The Deschutes County Sheriff Office is constantly evaluating the need to make changes to evacuation notices.  All evacuation questions should be directed to the DCSO by calling their non-emergency evacuation orders line at 541-693-6911.

Level 2 (Get Set) evacuations are currently in effect for the Crossroads subdivision, Edgington Road, Remuda Road, Peterson Burn Road, Wildwing and Three Creeks Road residences.  This allowed residents to return to their homes.

Level 1 evacuations are in effect for the Tollgate subdivision, all areas between OR 242 and Highway 20; West of Cold Springs Cutoff (Forest Service Road 1018).  This also includes Black Butte Ranch.


The cost-to-date is $9.8 Million and growing as each day passes.

Public Meeting

A  public meeting has been scheduled for Monday, August 28th at the Sisters High School located at 1700 McKinney Butte Road in Sisters, Oregon.  The meeting begins at 1800 hours (6pm) PDT.  Fire Officials will provide Fire Info, Closure information and status of evacuation orders.  Make sure if you have questions to bring them up in the meeting.  If you have KUDOS, they do like to hear your compliments also.

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