The Thomas Fire started on December 4, 2017, near the Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula (Ventura County), California which ignited from an unknown cause.  It would become a firestorm quickly from the aid of the Santa Ana winds, low relative humidity and higher-than-normal temps.  

As of today, there are still 620 personnel still assigned on the fire line with most of them that have work throughout the Christmas holidays.  With their hard work, dedication and tireless efforts, crews have successfully gained a 92% containment status which will be full contained at 100%.


Overall, the fire has destroyed 1,063 structures and damaged 280 more.  One person, a firefighter was killed in the line-of-duty.  

Thomas Fire burn operation December 19, 2017

As increased containment continues, firefighters will continue with shifting their efforts to repairing damaged caused by suppression efforts, such as constructing water bars and returning or scattering shrubs and plants along creating contingency lines.

The the ICT is prepping to transfer management to the Los Padres NF team leaders on Saturday, December 30th.

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