*OOA* Arizona – Wildfire CAD Activity – May 9, 2018

We cover the Northwest Wildfire CAD Activity here in WA, OR and ID but there are a lot more wildfires everywhere else in between.  Here is the CAD Activity log for  Arizona on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Flagstaff Dispatch Center

There were a total of  46 wildfire incidents dispatched from start time of 0948 until 1146 hours with each of them being put out a minute after they started.  It was stated these were illegal campfires but that is a lotta fire!  Burned acreage was listed at 0.1 acres.  Cause is unknown.

Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center

Illegal Campfire.  Thousand Trails.  Dispatched at 1139 hours.  Limited details.

Highway Fire.  Median of I-17 at Mile Marker 249-250.  Dispatched 1539 hours.  Contained 1730 hours.  0.5 acres.

Phoenix Interagency Fire Center 

Riverbed Fire.  Chinatown.  Dispatched at 1147 hours. 0.1 acres.

Indian Hills 2 Fire.  North of Tonto Street. Dispatched at 1918 hours.  0.1 acres.

Blatner Fire.  South side of Hwy 260 at Mile Marker 257.  Dispatched at 2006 hours.  0.1 acres.

Show Low Interagency Dispatch Center

Oliver Fire.  Hwy 73 x Lester Oliver.  Dispatched at 1714 hours.  Grass and ponderosa fire fuels.  15 acres.

Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center

293 Fire.  Hospital Flat.  Dispatched at 0727 hours.  Abandoned Camp Fire.

191 Alpha Fire.  Hwy 191 at Mile Marker 99.  Dispatched at 1758 hours.  Grass and brush fire fuels.  Contained at 1930 hours.  Controlled at 1939 hours.  Out at 1940 hours. 0.1 acres.

191 Bravo Fire.  Hwy 191 at Mile Marker 100.  Dispatched at 1928 hours.  Grass and brush fuels.  Contained at 1930 hours. Controlled 1939 hours.  Out at 1940 hours.

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