SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for the days of May 10, 2018.  This post also includes Oregon and Idaho.



Atwood Road Fire – Atwood Road / Klickitat County.  CRGNSA  and DNR on-scene. Dispatched 1517 hours PDT.  0.1 acres. (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Better Ridge Fire – Better Ridge / Stevens County.  Dispatched  0815 hours.  Brush, slash. IC at 1045 hours.  0.01 acres.  In patrol status. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Dougs Beach Fire – Doug Beach / Klickitat County.  Dispatched 1055 hours PDT.  2 acres.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Spillway Fire – Dispatched 1033 hours PDT.  0.1 acres.  Dispatched 1033 hours PDT.  Contained/Controlled/Out at 1447 hours PDT.  (Colville Agency MT Tolman Dispatch Center)

Summit Surprise Fire – Addy Gifford / Stevens County.  Dispatched 0814 hours PDT.  Unknown burned acreage.  Dispatched at 0814 hours PDT.  NC 347 at 1045 hours PDT.  In patrol status. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Tyler Spot Fire – Hwy 904 / Spokane County.  Dispatched 1054 hours PDT.  0.01 acres.  Grass and brush fire fuels. Dispatched 0815 hours PDT.  Contained at 1230 hours.  Controlled at 1325 hours PDT.  (Northeast Interagency Communications Center)


Haner Butte 0175 OD Fire – 1 mi east of Haner Butte.  Dispatched 1511 hours PDT.  1.46 acres.  (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center)


No wildfires have been reported.

(Source:  Wild CAD Web)

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