Fundraiser Will Raise Funds for Recovery Camp for Kids

SOUTH WHIDBEY, Wash. – Kids are remarkable young people who deserve so much admiration for their bravery, strength and willingness to protect one another, especially those whom have been impacted by traumatic and gone through unimaginable experiences in their short lives.

The kids we are speaking of, are those who have been burned and live everyday with their internal and external scars which can be emotionally binding for them and disheartening for those who have sat idly by until now.

It Takes a Community (Village)

There is one non-profit that has been changing and positively creating a loving, caring and supportive atmosphere that is the center of this article. Burned Children Recovery Foundation is the focus of such a special South Whidbey Middle School student (he is unnamed – as we do not have permission to name him) who chose this organization as a community project.  Him and his family (parents are both firefighters) have been involved with Camp Phoenix (National Burned Children’s Camp) that occurs every year for many years. The trio will be present at the Fundraiser.

Every Day Heroes In Action

The SWMS student has voluntarily chosen this Foundation because of how important to him.  He wants to raise enough funds to send a child to camp.  Additionally, he has a lot of friends he has made over the years and would like to see them again.  Building friendships, networking, counseling, support, being wrapped with love and just being able to be yourself is one of many key ways to a successful recovery.

Empower The Foundation, Create Hope for Kids

Though the public may never understand or can ever understand the trauma of what a burn (serious) can do to a child’s confidence, constant stares or people making fun of them that can cause even greater scarring by tearing them down.   These are children who are just like any other child but have been burned on their faces, hands, limbs and caused serious disfigurements or may be in crisis depend on organizations like,  The Burned Children Recovery Foundation.  The Foundation’s main focus is to direct fund recovery activities to families with children who have been burned, survived and are living with scars.

Donate and Help Send a Child To Camp

Camp Phoenix, is a camp geared especially for burned children to be able to be with other kids who may look like them and understand what they are going through.  Many “counselors” and “staff” consist of firefighters, their families and those who truly understand and love these kids as if they were their own.

Why not help keep a great thing going and know that you are impacting all of their lives like you could never imagine?  With all of the tragedies in this world today, donate to this cause and know that you are saving many lives.

Here is what this post is all about.  Raising money to help send a child to camp.  This one of many ways, this SWMS student is working to see that funds are available to send more kids to camp.  Will you be that special someone who helps make that happen?


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On Saturday, May 26, 2018, a Charity Car Wash and, Donation Station for the Burned Children Recovery Foundation ‘s Camp Phoenix will take place from 1100 – 1700 hours at the Goose Parking (Bayview Center) lot near Bayview Appliance who donated the wash rack space!

A Special Treat

Big Betty, a retired former Seattle Fire engine will be on display on the big day gracing all those who come into her presence.  A fire engine that surely went on many fire calls back in the day will be on-scene working to save even more lives than you can imagine. And, what a great way to show her how much you appreciate everything she has done for the communities she has served and the lives she has saved.

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Credit | Barry Pomeroy

A chance to ride in the back of this engine can be yours if you WIN! What a great opportunity to feel the nostalgic of how it must have been for firefighters racing to a fire call.  Okay, maybe it won’t be like that but the chance to ride in this beauty would be a special treat for anyone.

We are sorry about the late posting. We just received this info a little late but felt it is a great fundraiser for a great organization whom does many great things for burned children and their families!  We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share with you all.  – Ed.


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