Another Fire Department Merges into Puget Sound Fire

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. – It seems to be a trend here in Washington State, where more and more Fire Departments are merging into large Regional Fire Authority(ies) all across the area.

Merger in the Works

The latest Fire Department, Maple Valley Fire will officially join Puget Sound Fire beginning October 1, 2018.  This was made possible by tireless efforts and hard work by the Fire Administration, Commissioners and firefighters themselves.

Benefits to all Parties Involved

This is great for all Citizens to have combined services in a single Fire Agency, which incorporates many specialties that a smaller Fire Department may not have access to.  This helps cut costs, share resources, provide mutual aid and create greater training opportunities for their Firefighters.

Who is Puget Sound Fire?

Puget Sound Fire is also known more officially as Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, originally known as the Kent Volunteer Fire Department which was established in 1892.  The Fire Department would then reorganize under the name of Kent Fire Department in 1924.  It would later change its name downstream to Kent Fire Department Regional Fire Authority or KFD RFA.

The look and feel of the organization began shifting in 2013, with the City of Seatac and KFD RFA signing a 20-year contract for services that began January 1, 2014.  This would also include Kent, Covington and including the King County Fire District 37 that was formed earlier.  This area is said to be about 60-square miles with over 177,000 residents.

In the same year, the King County Fire District 20 that encompasses the Skyway area and the City of Renton Fire Department join the newly established South King County Fire Training Consortium.  This allows all agencies under this umbrella to train together, know how each Departments works and share resources.  This benefits the Citizens as well.

In 2015, Valley Regional Fire Authority joins the new South King County Fire Training Consortium with Vashon Island Fire & Rescue and King County Fire District #28 (Enumclaw Fire) join this organization as well.  This now becomes a 10-strong department training group.

Those Agencies with the Consortium are the Puget Sound RFA, Maple Valley FD, Tukwila FD, Burien/Normandy FD, North Highline FD, King County FD #20, Renton RFA, Valley RFA, Vashon Island F & R and King County FD 28.

In 2017, the KFD RFA changes its official name to Puget Sound RFA.  Their headquarters are located at 24611 116th Avenue SE in Kent, Washington 98030.

Fire Station Locations

The Puget Sound RFA currently has several stations:

  • Covington Fire Station #78 – 17820 SE 256th Street
  • Kent Fire Station #71 – 504 Crow Street
  • Kent Fire Station #72 – 25620 140th Ave SE
  • Kent Fire Station #73 – 26512 Military Road South
  • Kent Fire Station #74 – 24611 116th Ave SE
  • Kent Fire Station #75 – 15635 SE 272nd Street
  • Kent Fire Station #76 – 20676 72nd Ave South
  • Kent Fire Station #77 – 20717 132nd Ave SE
  • Seatac Fire Station #45 – 3011 South 200th Street
  • Seatac Fire Station #46 – 3521 South 170th Street

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Maple Valley Fire & Rescue will add these following Fire Stations:

  • Headquarters – 23775 SE 264th Street, Maple Valley
  • Station 81 – 22225 SE 231st Street, Maple Valley
  • Station 82 – 27519 Kent-Kangley Road, Ravensdale
  • Station 83 – 27250 216th Ave SE, Maple Valley
  • Station 84 – 16855 194th Ave SE, Renton
  • Station 85 – 27605 SE 208th, Maple Valley

Call Volumes

The Puget Sound Fire Department has released the following stats for the week of May 13-19, 2018.

  • 510 Total calls
  • 391 EMS/Rescue
  •   38  False calls
  •   23 Fire calls
  •   41 Good intent
  •      4 HAZMAT conditions
  •    11 Service calls
  •       2 Other calls
  • 8783 Year-to-date Calls


More information will be updated as we receive “official” news from the fire agencies themselves. Thanks for following us and this new developing story.

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