We are all too familiar with fire images plastered all over our televisions, through digital communications  and in print.  Those who may have not seen these vivid photos visually, most we have spoken to have in some sort of way been impacted by word-of-mouth or indirectly or directly touched by wildfires here in Washington State.

Though there are so many wildfires, we are going to try to give you a picture of current and past Wildfires incidents in a single post.  For larger incidents, we will continue to post them separately.

Here is a recap for all fires for Saturday, July 28, 2018.



Benton County is located in the south-central portion of the State.  It is about 1,760 square miles with Kennewick as its largest City and Prosser as its County seat. The County is the venue to Columbia and Yakima Rivers.  Mountains and ridges include Horse Heaven Hills, Rattlesnake Hills, Badger Mountain, Candy Mountain and Red Mountain. 

North of this County is Grant County; Franklin County is northeast; Walla Walla County to the east; to the southwest are Klickitat County, Umatilla and Morrow Counties in Oregon.

Communities include Benton City, Kennewick, Richland and West Richland, as well as unincoporated communities which include Badger, Gibbon, North Prosser and Susie.


1234.  #GNCFire.  Hwy 24, mile post 33.  T12N R24E S4. Grass.  Thompson IC. 0.5 acre.  Contained/controlled at 1449 PDT.  Central WA Interagency Comm Center.



Chelan County is approximately 2,994 square miles with 2,921 of land and only 73 square miles water.  Its largest city and county seat is Wenatchee.  The County has many well-defined features such as the Cascade Mountains, Chelan Mountains, Chiwaukum Mountains, Columbia Rivers, Entiat Mountains, Lake Wenatchee, Wenatchee River and the Columbia River.

It is host to the iconic and beautiful 55-mile long Lake Chelan which has a depth to 1,486 feet!

In 2017, the population was at 76,533 residents.

Nearby counties include to the northeast Okanogan County; Douglas County to the east; Kittitas County to the south; King County to the southwest; Snohomish County to the west and Skagit County to the northwest.


1921. #CougarCreekFire. Cougar Creek. Unknown acreage.  T27 R18 S11. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1545. #WindyFire.  Trout Creek. 0.25 acres. T24N R16E S18.  Brush.  Dufurrena IC as of 1700 PDT. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1013.  #RockIslandFire.  Rock Island. T24 R15 S1. Single pine fire fuels.  0.1 acre. Contained/controlled 1230 hours. Patrol 7 IC.   Central WA Interagency Comm Center.



Kittitas County is about 2,333 square miles with 2,297 of that being land and 36 square miles is water.  The highest point in the County is Mount Daniel at 7,959 feet above sea level.

Its geographic features include the Cascade Mountains, Yakima River, Manastash Ridge and the Wenatchee Mountains.

There are currently 46,205 residents (as of 2017) that call this County home.  The largest City in the county is Ellensburg, home to many farms, logging and livestock raising.

Nearby counties include Chelan County to the north; Douglas County to the northeast; Grant County to the east; Yakima County to the south; Pierce County to the west and King County to the northwest.


1507.  #HundleyFire.  Hundley Road. T20 R14 S26.  1 acre.  Contained/controlled at 1730 PDT.



Lincoln County is considered the 5th least populated County in the State with its County Seat as Davenport.  The county is host to 2,339 total square miles with 2,310 of that land and 29 square miles of water. 

The County had a population of only 10,579 in 2017.

Nearby Counties include Ferry County to the north; Stevens County to the northeast; Spokane County to the east; Whitman County to the southeast; Adams County to the south; Grant County to the west and Oknogan County to the northwest.


1247.  #OdessaFire.  Odessa.  2 acres.  Grass and brush.  E653 (IC).  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

1124. #KickFire. Crystal Springs Road.  .01 acres. Grass, light timber.  WFS agency.  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

0934. #RoadXFire.  Road X.  36.6 acres. Grass and brush.  C6201 (IC).  Resources on-scene at 1343 PDT.  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

0934. #IrbyFire.  Irby.  0.7 acres.  Grass.  Helitack Roggenkamp (IC).  In patrol status.  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.



Mason County has a total of 1,051 square miles that include 959 of land and 92 of water. It has a population of 63,710 residents as of 2017.  Its largest city and County seat is Shelton.

It is home to Brown  Cove, Case Inlet, Harstine Island, Hood Canal, Lake Cushman, Mason Lake, Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound and the Totten Inlet.

1431.  #BoundaryCutoffFire.  West Boundary Road.  0.1 acres.  In patrol status.  South Puget Sound Dispatch.



The Okanogan County is located along the Canada-US Border according to Wikipedia, which states is occupied by 41,742 residents and has a total 5,315 total square mile area.  This includes 5,268 of land and only 47 square miles of water.

The infamous Cascade Mountains, Columbia River, Okanogan River and Beaner Lake occupy portions inside this County.  National protected areas include the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, Nez Perce National Historical Park, Okanogan National Forest and the Pasayten Wilderness.

This County was the venue where the Carlton Complex fire over 250,00 acres in July of 2014.  It destroyed over 300 homes including 100 in and around Pateros.


1939.   #CutthroatLake.  Cutthroat Lake.  Unknown acreage. T35 R18 S7. Fuels-41 dispatched.  Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1807.  #BlackRidge2Fire.  War Creek. T33 R19S20. Timber, snags and logs. IC assigned. .25 acres. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1644.  #CherokeeFire.  Omak. 0.1 acre.  Contained at 1845 hours. Colville Agency MT Tolman Dispatch Center.



This County is located in the northeastern portion of Washington State along the Canada-US Border.  Its largest City and County seat is Newport.  The total square miles is 1,425 square miles that includes 1,400 of land and 25 as water.  

The County is home to 13,354 residents as of 2017.

Nearby Counties include to the east Boundary County, Idaho; Spokane County is to the south; Stevens County to the west and Central Kootenay Regional District of British Columbia (Canada) to the north.

National protected areas include portions of land of the Colville National Forest, Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, Kaniksu National Forest and the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge.


1602. #SmallWinchesterFire.  Winchester.  Resources en route as 1615 hours.  Bennett C301A and C301B.  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

1415.  #LittleBlueGrouseFire.  Little Blue Grouse.  3 acres. Slash and timber.  AR422 (IC) as of 2244 PDT.  Resources on-scene as of 1452 hours.  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.



Skagit County is home to an estimated 125,619 residents as of 2017, that has a total of 1,920 square miles of area including 1,731 of land and 189 as water.  This County is host to very fertile valley of the Skagit River, a very popular tourist destination for those visiting the Tulip and Strawberry Festivals in its largest City of Mt. Vernon and county seat.

Geographic features include Allan Island, Cascade Mountains, Cypress Island, Fidalgo Island, Samish Island, Sauk River, Skagit River, Skagit Island, Hope Island and Hart Island.

Nearby Counties include to the north is Whatcom County; Okanogan to the east; Chelan to the southeast; Snohomish to the south and San Juan to the west.

National protected areas include portions in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake National Rec area and the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail.


1850.  #CavanaughFire.  33582 Cliff Road, Mt. Vernon – Lake Cavanaugh. 0.10 acres. Local FD arrived and requested assistance from H-344. Helitack was en route by ground to help with recon. NW Region DNR Dispatch Center.

1422. #SouthRockportFire.  Hwy 530, one mile south of Rockport.  Fire fuels include garbage, tree. In patrol status.  NW Region DNR Dispatch Center.



Snohomish County is located in the western part of the State and home to about 801,633 residents as of 2017.  It is considered to be the 3rd most populated County in the State of Washington.   It has a total 2,196 square miles with 2,087 as land and 109 as water. 

Cities within this County include Arlington, Bothell, Brier, Edmonds, Everett, Gold Bar, Granite Falls, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Marysville, Mill Creek, Monroe, Snohomish, Sultan, Stanwood and Woodway.  Towns include are Darrington and Index, along with unincorporated areas such as the Tulalip Indian Reservation and Trafton.

1800. #JohnsonMtnFire.  West of Johnson Mtn.  47.9969, -121.1790.  A Non-DNR fire, limited details.



Stevens County has approximately 44,730 residents as of 2017, in a total square mile area of 2,541 of which 2,478 is land and 63 is water.  Geographic features the Columbia River.

Communities include Chewelah, Colville and Kettle Falls, as well as Marcus, Northport and Springdale.  Unincorporated areas include Arden, Daisy, Echo, Fruitland, Hunters, Nine Mile Falls, Rice, Wellpinit.

1817.  #HwyytSpotFire.  Hyytianinen Road.  NC 345 (IC).  In patrol status. Limited info.  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

1246.  #Hwy25Fire.  Hunters.  0.02 acres.  Grass and brush. NC326 (IC).  Contained at 1315 PDT. Controlled at 1435 PDT.  NE WA Interagency Comm Center.



Thurston County has a small 774 square miles compared to its predecessor which 722 is land and 52 is water.  It includes major watershed such as the Black River, Chehalis River, Henderson Inlet, Nisqually River, Skookumchuck River and West Capitol Forest.

Some geographic features include Alder Lake, Bass Lake, Black River, Chambers Lake, Grass Lake, Deschutes River, Capitol Peak, Susan Lake and Ward Lake.

Thurston County is host to Cities of Lacey, Olympia (county seat), Rainier, Tenino, Tumwater and Yelm, as well as Bucoda.


1957.  #MimaFallsFire.  Mima Falls.  Resources en route. Limited details. South Puget Sound Dispatch.



Yakima County is about 4,311 total square miles with 4,295 is land and 16 is water.  About 250,193 residents call this area home, the second largest County in the State.

Some geographic features include Mount Adams, Gilbert Peak, Cascade Mountains, Rattlesnake Hills and Horse Heaven Hills.  Rivers include the Yakima River, Columbia River, Naches River, Tieton River, Bumping River and American River.

National protected areas include the Wenatchee National Forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Snoqualmie National Forest, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Norse Peak Wilderness and Mount Adams Wilderness.

Communities include Grandview, Granger, Mabton, Moxee, Selah, Sunnyside, Tieton, Toppenish, Union Gap, Wapato, Yakima and Zillah, including towns of Harrah and Naches.


1945.  #IronstoneFire. Ironstone Mtn.   0.1 acres. T14 R12 S24. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1941.  #Shellrock.  Shellrock Lake. 0.1 acre. T14 R12 S28. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1929. #HellLakeFire. Hell Lake.  0.3 acre.  T13 R11 S12. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1855.   #NileCreekFire.  Nile Campground. Brush, timber and duff. T16<R14E S24.  IC as of 2036 PDT. E-381 dispatched. .1 acre.  Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1851.  #LeechFire.  Leech Lake. T13 R11 S2. 0.1 acre. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1753.  #PigtailFire. Pigtail Peak. T13 R11 S11. 0.1 acres. Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

1643.  #BearFire.  Ahtanum NF. T12N R14E S26.  Grass and timber.  SE Stillwaugh IC.  0.1 acre.


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