MILL FIRE | Arizona | 3 | Final Update

CROWN KING, Arizona | A wildfire broke out on Monday, May 6th around 1115 hours MST, which is located near Silver Dollar Spring and Logan Mine Spring and about eight miles southwest of Crown King, Arizona.

Air tanker dropping retardant over the Mill Fire

Air tanker dropping fire retardant right over the Mill Fire in Arizona. | Courtesy: Inciweb


It ignited from an unknown cause that is still under undetermined and under investigation.


Fire fuels include but are not limited to:  brush, scrub oak, juniper and grass. The environment is also very dry.  179 acres have been completely destroyed.

Photo taken about a mile south of Weaver Mountain Center, looking to the east

Photo taken about a mile south of Weaver Mountain Center, looking to the east | Courtesy: Inciweb


The area is so remote, helicopters have been shuttling around firefighters from Staging to the fire ground and back out again.

Air tankers have been dropping retardant to try to slow the forward progression of fire.

There are approximately 162 personnel assigned to this incident on the day the fire started on Monday but have been reduced down to 70 on Tuesday.

There is a Type 3 IC (Castro) also in Command with the PIO Delores Garcia.


With a heavy emphasis on fire suppression and containment efforts, fire crews successfully reached a 50% containment status on Tuesday afternoon.  Fire Managers reported no fire growth today which is great news.


Weather conditions include isolated thunderstorms and gusty winds.


None have been reported at the time of this post.


There were no structures under threat or damaged.


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