Arizona | Grand Canyon RX Burns

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. | Fire Managers will be conducting RX (Prescribed Fire) burn piles on the east and west sides of the South Entrance Road and south of Highway 64 (Desert View Drive) east throughout the month of May, 2019.

This will be directly in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Crowd of visitors at a scenic overlook and watching orange light of sunset falling on Grand Canyon

Photo Credit | National Park Service

There are no closures at this time but the motoring public is advised to use extreme caution when passing through these areas.  Additionally, visitors should yield to all fire personnel, vehicles and listen to any instructions given to them during this time.

We will be following this story if fire escapes its containment lines or there is another pending fire in the park.  This is something that fire crews do often as preventing further heavy fuel fires from destroying many acres in and around the park.  It is also  to rejuvenate the environment and its dependent wildlife.

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