LAKE PLEASANT, Ariz. –  Another wildfire has ignited in the area of south Lake Pleasant off of Hwy 74, approximately at mile marker 19.  It is also located in the same area of Castle Hot Springs Road (west of) and Carefree Hwy.

Though the Lake Pleasant Regional Park is not in the area of the wildfire, they are releasing statements about closures that may impact the entrance and exit to and from their Park.

The Bureau of Land Management in Arizona reported that the fire behavior is moving at a high rate of spread into dry grass by wind gusts.

Resources on-scene include one helicopter and the IC has additional resources on order.

Hwy 74 has been closed in the area of Lake Pleasant.

No photo description available.
Area where fire located | Photo Courtesy: BLM – AZ

Lake Pleasant Regional Park advises that the road closure along Carefree Hwy appears to be in effect in the area of Beardsley CSR road and east of Castle Hot Springs Road. No traffic is currently entering the park due to the road closure.

At the last update, the Bureau of Land Management stated they were expecting firefighters making good progress and were due to re-open Hwy 74 in the next hour. This was stated around 1630 hours MST.

A cause of the fire is unknown at the time of this post or if any structures were damaged or destroyed in the area.

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