City of Los Angeles Firefighters were dispatched to a commercial structure fire in the 300 block of East Boyd Street, Los Angeles, California on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Task Force 9 personnel and equipment empited out the station as first due on-scene to a one-story building meshed in between a row of commercial buildings. They arrived within 4 minutes of the intial dispatched call. (1830 PT)

They were in offensive strategy in fighting the fire. Some of LAFD members extended their aerial ladder to the roof with firefighters becoming part of “Roof Operations” and the rest entering the interior as “Interior Operations”.

At a moment when the firefighters opened up the steel doors, the Officer had the keen sense and skillful training to know something was not right – ordering everyone to abandon the building.

As they were exiting the building, a loud explosion occurred, setting turncoats ablaze and scorching them inside them.  There is a lot of drone / news video showing the intense inferno blasting outward the front of the building while firefighters are quickly trying to escape down the aerial ladder. Fire can be seen hitting them all one-by-one over, atop and under them.  It is a terrible scene to watch and heartwrentching.

All-in-all, 12 firefighters would receive a certain degree of burns to their heads (helmets were melted), back, ears and arms.

“We are happy to report that only 4 LAFD members remain hospitalized this evening and are on the road to recovery.  We’re proud to have the ATF National Response Team now on-scene which have joined our Arson Investigators and LAPD Major Crimes detectives on the fire investigation.” LAFD Chief Terrazas said Monday (1815 hours PT)


As intense as the fire was, personnel from the LAFD FIU, ATF and other agencies are/will be painstakingly sifting over each area of this fire ground.

Command staff have often broadcasted over their fire radios for all personnel to leave everything as it lay just like it did on the day of the fire.

Streets have been closed indefinitely, shutting any access to business owners, employees and to residents alike. This is to allow for the investigation to move forward without any compromise or contamination of the scene(s).  It has also been saidthis is a crime scene.

There has been no preliminary cause released – only speculations by some news media and Social Media accounts. We will only state the facts as received by verified sources.


We ask you all  to keep these LAFD Firefighters in, their immediate family members and their Fire brothers and sisters in your continued thoughts and prayers.


This is a developing incident and we will continue to update this story when more information has been received.

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