Firefighters and equipment were dispatched through the Los Padres National Forest Communications Center on Friday, May 22, 2020, at 1615 hours PT to a brush fire.  The fire is located on Hwy 33 and about two miles south of Hwy 66 in Cuyama, California.

Resources included:  BC32LPF BC72LPF CRW3LPF CRW528LPF CRW530LPF DOZ4LPF E335LPF E355LPF E372LPF PAT73LPF Q.

Photo Credit | Los  Padres NF Stock Photo


At 1708, it was stated the fire which had scorched 35 acres was burning in light fuels and had a moderate rate of spread with four aircraft on order and one copter on order. Additional resources were being requested from Santa Barbara County FD, LPF, Ventura County and Kern Counties.

Shortly after 1719 hours PT, 2 air tankers have been released, SBC Air Support Unit Copter 3 remains on scene assisting FF’s on the ground that continue to make good progress on the fire, says the San Bernardino County Fire PIO spokesman.

Forward progression has been stopped.

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