Thank you for reading our Washington State Situational Report for Monday afternoon on August 10, 2020.

Hope you enjoy your day and always remember before going to a new area, check fire bans and restrictions and how to be Fire Smart about campfires, reporting wildfires and you/your family’s safety.

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1745 PT | South Lois Command

AR 29, AR 7403, E562.  Resources responding 1748 PT. Incident #NES-1857


1832 PT | Hicks Butte Command

Kittitas County. Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. E331 dispatched.  Incident #WFO-471

1743 PT | Valley Road Fire

Shelton, Mason County.  0.1 acre. Grass and brush. IC: Gaspar.  E8312 on-scene. Incident #SPS-140, 221-FCF

1733 PT | King Creek Fire

Clark County.  1 acre. Grass, reproduction and timber. DNR resources on-scene E2202, 2205, 2206, Estes H345, Nelson, Warthen. Incident #PCS-165-221 EBH

1656 PT | 29 Log Fire

Kittitas County.  29 Pine.  0.1 acre.  Logs. E4205. Edson (IC). Contained 1900 PT.  Incident #SES-470, PN NEM0, 221 CCE

1653 PT | Mill Drainage Fire

Spokane County.  AR 7412. Resources on-scene 1719.   .01 acre. Duff. Incident #NES-1856 PT

1617 PT | Brunner Road Fire

Clark County.  0.1 acre. Grass. IC Devera.  Contained 1730 PT. Controlled/out 1845 PT. Incident #PCS-163 221-EBG.

1613 PT | Box Canyon Fire   

Kittitas County. Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.  0.01 acre Duff. Jones (IC). Contained, controlled at 1633 PT. Incident #OWF-469, P6 NEL7.

1414 PT | Gerber Fire

Grant County. Unknown location.  4.84 acres. Contained 1644 PT. Incident #SPD-467.

1031 PT | MP 87 2 Fire

Grand Mound, Thurston County.  IC Duval. 0.2 acre. Grass and brush.  Contained 1150 PT. Controlled 1345 PT. Incident #SPS-139, 221-FCE

1021 PT | Island Rock Fire

Hwy 730, Milepost 201.   0.32 acre.  Grass and brush. IC Bayse.  Contained 1322 PT. Incident #MCR-466.

0611 PT | Greenwood Bridge Fire

Spokane County.  Indian Canyon. AR 29 (IC).  0.1 acre. Logs. In patrol status. Incident #NES-1850, ABG-221

0601 PT | Matson Two Fire

Stevens County.  0.1 acre. Brush, slash, light timber.  7303 (IC). Contained 0645 PT. Controlled 8/10/2020. Incident #NES-1849, AGC-221

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