UPDATE 2 – MAY 16, 2021 – 2329 PT

Fire crews are working to transition to an offensive strategy to conduct a primary search of floors three and down. This is the old Seattle Opera building.

The bulkhead door has been opened and an assessment has been completed.

Video Credit: Seattle Fire Department

Floors 1 and 2 primary search will be handled by Engine and Ladder 10. Other units will be searching as well.

Four additional units are en route to the incident.

Fire was listed under control at 2323 PT. Shortly, thereafter fire crews had a tap fire at 2325 PT.

Crews were directed to place foam over the building.

Sounds like they have been to the location more than two times.

Primary searches were in effect.

UPDATE 1 – MAY 16, 2021 – 2308 PT

Seattle Fire units A2 AIR 240-260 B6 DEP1 E22 E5 E8 L1 L10 M1 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 have been dispatched at 2254 PT tonight, to a Fire in Building call in the intersection of Terry Avenue North and John Street. Multiple callers reporting seeing flames on the top floor of a six-story commercial structure.

This is a derelict building that the Seattle Fire Department has responded to several times already. Tonight, they are right back at it.

Last time, there were visible flames located on the fire under the bulkhead on the roof.

First due units are reporting to Command as fire on the top floor.

Units are going to deck gun the fire from the Terry side. Due to it being a derelict building, it has been recommended not to enter inside the structure.

A Ladder pipe operation was established until discovery of a high power transmission line that would interfere with their operations was replaced with a deck gun operations. Multiple units have set-up deck gun operations group.

Command states it appears several transmission lines have blown. It is a safety issue for those on the ground. A broadcast was given over the scanner.

Command Post has been relocated to Terry Avenue, named as the Alpha side. East side is Charlie side. Ten minutes on the timer.

Units reporting a top floor fire. Derelict building. No collapse zones. Deck gun to be inserted inside the third floor window. Water on the fire at 2305 Hours PT but transmission lines are causing challenges to get water dumped on the fire.

Firefighters are going to the bulkhead of the parking structure to open the door to the building.

This incident is called the TERRY AVENUE COMMAND.

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