SIT REP 1 | MAY 22, 2021 | SATURDAY

The DOG FIRE is located about 34 miles southwest of White City, New Mexico, in the remote portion of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

About 1,337 acres of trees with grass understory and oak leaves with patches of grass.

Smoke on horizon produced from Dog Fire
Credit | NPS

Lead Agency: National Park Service – Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

There is about 59 total personnel assigned to this incident. The IC is Jason Thivener (ICT3)

Fire started on May 11, 2021 around 1532 hours that was sparked by lightning.

It was said the fire was low-key for the first week but after warmer temps and wind arrived – the fire behavior increased from low to moderate intensity. During the evening, the fire behavior is much lower.

More resources arrived on-scene on Friday, May 21, 2021.

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