Seattle Sees Lots of Fires

JUNE 5, 2021 | Saturday | 2320 PT

Seattle Fire has seen its share of fires since Friday and again on Saturday. Here is a recap of fires for Friday and Saturday and it is not even Sunday yet!


2300 PT

Brush Fire. 520 block of Pontius Avenue. E2 dispatched. Fire in a planter box. Pump can extinguished.

1130 PT

Rubbish Fire. 9500 block of Ashworth Avenue North. E21, E21 dispatched.

0704 PT

Bark Fire. SW Andover Street x California Avenue SW. E32 dispatched.

0524 PT

Fire in Building. 4800 block of Raymond Street. A14, Air10, B2, B5, Deputy1, E13, E27, E28, E30, E33, L12, L3, M28, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2 and STAFF10 dispatched. Fire in a bathroom of a home. All occupants safely self-evacuated.


2344 PT

Illegal Burn. 2700 block of East Madison Street. E34 dispatched.

2319 PT

Illegal Burn. 23rd Place NE and NE 145th Street. E39 dispatched.

2220 PT

Brush Fire. 5th Avenue NE and NE 60th Street. E31 dispatched.

1928 PT

Brush Fire. West Emerson Street and 15th Avenue Wes. E20 dispatched.

1632 PT

Fire in Building. B7, E11, L13, E28, L12, REHAB1, STAFF10, A5, B5, Deputy1, E37, L3, Safety2, E27, M25, M44, Air10, E32, MAR5, MVU11 dispatched.

1124 PT

Rubbish Fire. Pike Street and Boren Avenue. L10 dispatched.

0001 PT

Transformer Fire. Taylor Avenue North and Valley Street. E8 dispatched. Small fire at the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Transfer Station. Fire units quickly brought fire under control. No injuries reported.

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