SIT REP 8 — JUNE 13, 2021 — 2030 PT

This is the Sit Rep for Arizona Wildfires on this Sunday.


The CORNVILLE FIRE is burning on East Cornville Road and Ravens Roost Road. B5-1 and CH5 were dispatched via the AZ Dispatch Center at 1223 hours today.

There has been 125 acres consumed.

Resource orders were dispatched from the Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center this afternoon at 1610 hours MST to the AZ Department of Fire and Fire Management Northwest District and through the Springerville Interagency Dispatch Center at 1328 hours MST)


The GRAVEL FIRE is located in the San Carlos Lake area, where fire assets were dispatched through the Phoenix Interagency Fire Center today at 1559 hours MST.


The PERIDOT FIRE is located in Gopher Spring. Resources were dispatched the Phoenix Interagency Fire Center at 1711 hours PT.


Credit: USFS – CNF

The PINNACLE FIRE started June 10, 2021. It is about 4,668 acres with a 0% containment status.

It originated on Pinnacle Ridge within the Coronado National Forest, northeast of Klondyke on the Santa Theresa Mountains in Graham County. It is also about 28 miles northwest of Safford, Arizona.

Fire behavior is active with running, spotting and flanking. Night operations are in effect and fire officials say the fire has made short wind-drive runs on the southwest and northeastern edges.

The Incident Commander Dave Gesser and his Type 2 team assumed command on Sunday at 0600 hours MST. About 97 total personnel are assigned alongside four hand crews, three helicopters, eight engines, five water tenders, two single engine air tankers (SEATs). Large air tankers will also be used as needed. More resources are on order

Evacuations are in effect. East of the fire and North of Aravaipa/Klondike Road in BE READY status (6/12/2021 0800 MST). Evacuation links and

Closures include: All roads and trails within the immediate fire zone (CNF lands).

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in effect. Fire Officials like to remind those who fly drones into the fire zone will be heavily prosecuted under the Federal Law including big fines and possible jail time.

Restrictions: Stage 2 fire restrictions are in effect.

Cost-to-date in fire suppression and containment expenses have reached about $250,000.


The QUAIL FIRE is located on Hwy 188 and State units were dispatched today at 1237 hours MST to this area.

E461 and A4S were dispatched via the Arizona Dispatch Center.

Already there has been 14.4 acres burned.


Shamrock Fire 06/10/2021 1130
Credit: CNF

The SHAMROCK FIRE was started on June 9, 2021 from an unknown cause. It is listed as a 1,656 acre-fire burning through short grass and brush. Crews have reached a 48% containment status.

It is located about 11 miles northeast of Nogales and south of Patagonia, Arizona on the Coronado National Forest (USFS).

There are 177 total personnel assigned.

Fire behavior is active with running, backing and flanking.

Cost-to-date have reached a whopping $2.2 Million Dollars for fire suppression and containment efforts.


Slate Fire, as seen on 6-7-21 at 1035 from helicopter.
Credit: USFS – CNF

The SLATE FIRE ignited from an unknown cause on June 7th, around 0300 hours MST which is located about 23 miles northwest of Flagstaff and originating on Slate Mountain. A Coconino County Sheriff Deputy called in this new reported wildfire.

There has been 6,587 acres of pine, juniper, grass and brush destroyed. Crews have successfully reached a 20% containment status.

Approximately, 149 total personnel are assigned to this incident. The IC is Jesse Causer. Additionally, there are four hand crews, seven engines, two water tenders, two dozers, one helicopter and overhead team/support members.


The TRACK FIRE is located in Blackwater, where fire assets were dispatched at 1407 MST. About 0.1 acres have been burned. Dispatch center is the Phoenix Interagency Fire Center.


Mescal Fire burning 16 miles southeast of Globe, AZ
Credit: Gila District Office

The MESCAL FIRE started on Monday, June 1, 2021, and is located about 12 miles southeast of Globe and seven miles northeast of Dripping Springs, Arizona.

The cause of this wildfire is unknown. It is under investigation.

Fire behavior has been downgraded to minimal with flanking, backing and smoldering.

The fire has destroyed 72,250 acres of desert brush, oak and grass. Fire crews have successfully reached a 85% containment.

There are about 336 total personnel assigned to this incident.

The Incident Cooperators include: Gila County Health and Emergency Management, San Carlos Apache Tribe, BLM – AZ Fire, National Fire Situational Awareness (NFSA) tool, AZ Ready-Set-Go, San Carlos Apache Forest Resources Program, American Red Cross and the USFS.

However, the total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment costs have reached a whopping $10.3 Million Dollars. No structures have been reported as damaged or lost.


Credit: AZ DOF

The TELEGRAPH FIRE was detected on June 4, 2021 around 1330 hours MST/PT.

The human-caused wildfire which originated south of Superior, is now located about 1.5 miles from Top-of-the-World, Arizona.

Fire behavior has been downgraded from extreme to active with uphill runs, flanking and backing.

Currently, the fire has destroyed 87,119 acres of grass and shrub. Fire crews have a 76% containment on this firestorm.

Fire Officials estimate full containment will be reached on June 20, 2021.

Structure protection is in effect for Top-of-the-World, Superior, Claypool, Miami and Globe. Crews are also focusing on keeping the fire south of US 60, as they also continue to provide protection for private and public assets.

There are about 965 total personnel assigned, which also includes 24 crews, 54 engines and nine helicopters. The Incident Commander, also known as the IC is Bales, with the SW Area Type 1 IMT. They assumed command on Sunday early morning.

Fire officials also reporting people entering the fire area which impedes fire suppression efforts and is highly dangerous with hazards such as ash pits, downed lines and heavy equipment working.

Evacuation Alerts – in Effect – Evacuation updates can be found at and , as well as

Set to Ready: Miami Block, Claypool Block, Central Heights North and South, Globe, Pinto/Carlotta Block.

Go to Set: Six Ice

Incident Cooperators are agencies that work with the ICP in providing crucial information about assets, resources and ways they can partner with Command. They also provide vital information to their impacted communities/public and customers.

There are many faces that fill each position which represent the following agency, organization and/or business. They use their expertise, skills and training to the best of their abilities and deserve recognition for their role.

  • Animal Services — Gila County Animal Control,
  • Emergency Management – Gila County OEM, Pinal County EOM.
  • Fire — US Fire Administration, AZ DOF, Coconino NF, Globe FD, Superior FD, Superstition Fire and Medical District.
  • Government — City of Globe, Gila County, GC Board of Supervisors, Town of Miami.
  • Human Services — American Red Cross.
  • Law Enforcement — AZ Dept. of Public Safety, Gila County SO, Miami PD, Pinal County SO,
  • Mining — BHP Mining, Capstone Mining Corp., Carlota Copper Company, Freeport-McMoRan Copper, Resolution Copper Mine,
  • Transportation — AZ DOT.
  • Utilities — AZ Public Service Electric, CenturyLink Communications, Salt River Project Power and Water.

Shelter information is listed below for pets, their people, and livestock.

Humans – Red Cross shelters open.

  • High Desert High School (Globe).
  • Skyline High School (Mesa).

Livestock Shelters

  • Birch Stockyard, 2822 n Highway 188 (Globe) – Large animals.
  • Apache Junction Rodeo Grounds – Large animals.

Evacuation Updates

There have been 13 structures destroyed. Cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment costs have soared to $13Million Dollars.


The TITO PASS FIRE is located in Organ Pipe National Park, where firefighters were dispatched at 1412 hours MST this afternoon via the Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center.

About 55 acres of grass and shrub have been burned.

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