UPDATE 1 — 1547 HOURS PT — SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2021

Local fire units were dispatched through KITTCOM at 1202 hours to a wildfire burning on Koffman Road, less than 10 miles east of Ellensburg (Kittitas County), Washington State.

The incident was quickly upgraded to a four-alarm fire due to structures being threatened, high temps, low relative humidity and winds.

For almost four hours, both ground crews aided by aircraft dropping water and retardant from the air. Additionally, they were helped with private landowners who have dozers and fire department equipment to further stop the forward progression of the fire.

During the course of the incident, they were faced with hot temps, high winds, low relative humidity and dangerous conditions.

LEVEL 3 evacuations were issued for residents in the Park Creek Road to Clerf Road areas. This means GO NOW!

LEVEL 2 evacuations were issued for residents in the Park Creek Road to Koffman Road. This means GET READY!

AA-10F AHTANUM E-4201 E-4202 E-4204 E-4205 H-339 H-344 KIT-25 KIT-26 KIT-27 KIT-60. (1303 PT) WA DNR Copters 339 and 344, with Yakima FD units.

The fire burned about 425 acres and is currently 90% lined. Firefighters will continue to staff and provide point protection. Additionally, two WA DNR copters 339 and 344 were on-scene but have now been released (1625) with already returned aircraft to their bases.

A RED FLAG WARNING has been issued for Monday, June, 28th from 0900 hours to 2000 hours PT. Expected easterly winds to 10-20 mph with gusts to 25 mph, relative humidity to 10-15% and high temps.

One primary home was lost along with six outbuildings. 425 acres were scorched.

Two Fire Investigators were requested to the scene. One, was responding right away and while the other will be arriving around 2000 hours PT.

The preliminary cause for this wildfire is currently unknown, as well as if and how many injuries were suffered from the fire.

Another update will be posted once cause is received or significant fire active occurs.

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