2335 PT | JUNE 26, 2021 | SATURDAY

This is the Sit Rep for both Washington and Oregon State wildfires in the northwest.


There were 29 fires for a total of 100 acres yesterday reported by Fire Managers. 18 were in Oregon for a total of 54 acres and 11 in Washington with a total of 46 acres.NWCC

54 Road Fire

The 54 ROAD FIRE is located about 22.2 miles north-northeast of Vancouver, Washington n the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. USFS is the lead agency. Dispatch Center is the Columbia Cascade Comm Center. Unknown acres. ##

I84 MM 78 Fire

This wildfire is about 55.9 miles east of Camas that is being handled by ODF’s The Dalles Unit. We are listing it under the Washington side because it is fairly close to our border. 6.8 acres have been burned. Dispatch Center: Columbia Cascade Comm Center in Vancouver, WA. ##

Wildwood Road Fire

This fire started on Saturday evening around 2000 hours PT. It is located about 50.5 miles north-northwest of Vancouver, Washington. Unknown acres. Brand new fire incident. Dispatch Center: WA DNR Pacific Cascades Dispatch Center. ##

Skidmore Fire

The SKIDMORE FIRE is located about 56.2 miles north-northwest of Spokane. This is a mutual aid deployment by the WA DNR fire agency. 0.3 acres burned. ##

Rosario Road Fire

The ROSARIO ROAD FIRE is showing to be located about 47.3 milesnorth-northwest of Seattle. About 0.1 acres. Limited information. ##

Jackknife Fire

WA DNR units AA4TS/653 C 101 CH 5 DNR 33 E 562 E Zone 10 FB 201 FB 202 H 341 HB 170CB NC 25 NC 40+Crew NC 7303 NC 7304 NC 7305 were dispatched this early afternoon at 1322 hours PT to Jackknife and Madison Creek. Located about 74.1 miles north-northwest of Spokane and 4.8 miles west-northwest of Olympia. The fire is said to be about 50% lined. 46.3 miles have been scorched. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – Enumclaw, WA. ##

Two Pole Fire

Located on Leclerc Road North in Pend Oreille County. Dispatch time 1525 hours PT. 0.1 acres of grass and shrub. Contained 1651 hours. Controlled at 1721 hours. ##

Temple Fire

WA DNR units were dispatched on June 25th at 2106 hours to Norman Road in Spokane County. 0.1 acres of slash. Contained and brought under control at 0830 hours. ##

Spring Canyon Fire

WA DNR units were dispatched on June 25, 2021, at 1630 hours to Spring Canyon in Lincoln County, where 11.6 acres of grass and shrub were scorched. Crews reached containment at 1100 hours on June 26th and under control at 1700 hours. The fire is in patrol status. ##

Sportsmans Fire

Units from WA DNR and local fire agencies E-4301 E-4302 E-4304 YAK-26 were dispatched at 1811 hours PT to Yakima (Yakima County)’s Sportsman State Park. There has been 1.5 acres of brush, timber and slash consumed. This is an open and active incident. ##

Eltopia West Fire

Firefighters were dispatched at 1543 hours PT on Saturday to Eltopia in Franklin County and stopped the forward progression of the fire and bringing it under control at 1600 hours PT the first initial response. That wildfire name was the ELTOPIA FIRE.

A second response to the same area is named the ELTOPIA WEST FIRE, which prompted resources BATT-6101 and CREW-6201 to be dispatched today at 1647 hours PT. There has been five acres of the same fire fuels now destroyed. This scene is still open and active. ##

Three Creeks Fire

Fire assets and resources were dispatched to the THREE CREEKS FIRE at 1341 hours PT in Yakima County. 0.1 acre of logs were burned. IC Ray arrived on-scene at 1442 hours PT. The fire was contained and controlled at 1615 hours PT. ##

Talmage Road Fire

Talmage Road Fire was one of many of wildfires that broke out in Kittitas County this morning and at the same time as the HORLICK ROAD FIRE. WA DNR resources were dispatched at 1158 hours to the Milwaukee Road Corridor. IC McFarland assumed Command at 1910 hours. The fire was contained shortly afterwards at 1945 hours. E-4103 was dispatched to the scene. ##

Horlick Road Fire

WA DNR resources were dispatched along with other local resources to Thorp Prairie at 1038 hours today for a wildfire. It is located about 12.9 miles northwest of Ellensburg, Washington. Due to multiple fires burning in the same County, it was quickly escalated from a first alarm brush fire to a third alarm wildfire, prompting evacuations of the Sunlight Water area then releasing the orders, allowing residents to return to their homes. IC Kit26 assumed Command at 1200 hours PT. 103 acres of grass were scorched. Contained at 1441 hours PT. Current #wawx is 78*F temps, 99% RH and winds are 10 mph. ##

May be an image of sky, tree and mountain
Horlick Road Fire. PC: Kittitas County Sheriff

Williams Lake Fire

WA DNR resources were on-scene at 1554 hours on Saturday, June 26, 2021 to the WILLIAMS LAKE FIRE, originally a smoke check. This incident is located 66.3 miles NNW of Spokane, Washington. Unknown size. Dispatch Center: NE WA Interagency Comm Center in Colville, Washington. Open incident. ##

White Pine

The WHITE PINE FIRE brought fire resources out to the White Pine area in Chelan County. WA DNR resources were deployed on Friday night at 2220 hours PT. 0.1 acres were destroyed. IC Gale assumed command of the incident at an unknown time. Crews were successful in bringing the fire under control and contained at 1555 hours on Saturday, June 26, 2021. ##

Old McKenna Fire

WA DNR resources were dispatched at 1213 hours PT to Yelm for a wildfire. Crews arrived to assist local Fire agencies to those in the City of Yelm. About 0.1 acres of brush and a fir tree were scorched. It was brought under control and contained at 1415 hours PT. The fire is in a patrol status. ##

Mill Creek Fire

The MILL CREEK FIRE is located in Spillman (Mason County), where fire resources dispatched to at 1543 hours PT. Less than an acre (0.10) of grass and brush were burned. The fire is in patrol status. ##

354th Street Fire

WA DNR assets and resources were dispatched today at 1653 hours PT as mutual aid for a wildfire burning in Eatonville and 11.8 miles southeast of Tacoma, Washington. There was an unknown number of land/brush/grass burned. This incident is in a patrol status. ##


Record heat is expected over the Pacific Northwest this weekend and well into next week as a strong high pressure ridge amplifies over the region.

Winds will decrease for most areas on Saturday but will pick up from the east or northeast for
the Cascades on Sunday and Monday as a thermal trough deepens on the west side.

Poor overnight humidity recovery is likely over higher elevations for the next four or five nights. Some lightning is possible next week. – NWS

Lower Deck Fire

The LOWER DECK FIRE is located in the Warm Springs area, where another fire has been burning. It is under command of an ICT, Type 4 team. The cause for this fire is unknown. There has been 491 acres of grass and brush consumed. A 50% containment status has been reached. Minimal fire behavior is minimal. This was formerly the MILL MIDDLE DECK FIRE. Open incident. ##

S-503 Fire

The S-503 FIRE started on June 18, 2021. Command: NW IMT, Team 8’s IC: Kevin Stok as of 0900 hours on June 26, 2021. This fire is located about five miles southwest of Pine Grove. Its cause is unknown. Fire has burned up 6,679 acres of timber. There is a 70% containment status. Fire behavior is moderate with isolated torching, creeping and short-range spotting. Evacuation notices are in effect. Structures and powerlines are under threat. There are 468 total personnel assigned to this incident. Transfer of command will occur on Monday, June 28th to a Type 3 IMT. ##

S-503 Fire. PC: Warm Springs Agency-BIA

Cutoff Fire

The CUTOFF FIRE is located about six miles north of Bonanza, Oregon, which started on June 19, 2021 from an unknown cause that is under investigation. There has been 1,288 acres of burned timber, brush and short grass, but crews have successfully reached an 93% containment status. There are still 208 total personnel assigned to this incident. Evacuation notices have been lifted. ##

Cutoff Fire bucket drop 6/22/21
Cutoff Fire – PC: ODF

New Fire (Unnamed)

ODF fire assets and resources have been dispatched via the John Day Interagency Dispatch Center to an unknown location at 2120 hours PT. This is a really new incident. ##

Ridge Top Fire

State fire assets and resources were dispatched today at 1429 hours to a location of 7.3 miles northwest of Mount Vernon. There has been 1 acres of grass, timber and juniper scorched. Resources are currently on-scene. This is an open and active incident. ##

Calapooya Fire

The CALAPOOYA FIRE is located about 9.2 miles northeast of Lemolo Lake. Resources were dispatched today at 1302 hours PT. The fire was contained to 0.1 acre at 1618 hours PT. ##

Split Rock Fire

The SPLIT ROCK FIRE is located in Ashland’s Watershed sending state resources to the area at 1618 hours this afternoon. There has been 0.1 acres burned. ##

Mutual Aid 529

Mutual Aid was deployed through the Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch Center at 1442 PT this afternoon. The fire incident is located about two miles northwest of Pendleton, Oregon near the airport. This is a human-caused wildfire resulting in 300 acres of weeds destroyed in a matter of hours. Open incident. ##

Peep Fire

The PEEP FIRE ignited on Friday, June 25, 2021, prompting movement of State fire assets to be deployed to the fire located in the Moonshine Creek area, which is about 13 miles southeast of Ukiah, Oregon. This was lightning-caused. About 0.1 acres of timber reprod was burned. Fire was contained today at 1813 hours . ##

Cooks Fire

At 1727 hours PT, OR DOF resources were dispatched via the Lakeview Interagency Dispatch Center to the COOKS FIRE. About five acres has been burned. In patrol status. ##

Drews Fire

Another wildfire broke out this afternoon, prompting more wildland fire resources to be depl;oyed to the DREWS FIRE. The fire has burned about 37.5 acres. Open incident. ##

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