A wildfire named the STEPTOE FIRE is burning about 12 miles south of Colton on the Snake River in Whitman County, Washington State. The fire ignited on Thursday from an unknown cause, prompting local, County and State fire assets and resources to be dispatched this morning around 0230 hours PT.

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Credit: Asotin Co FD1

Whitman County Fire District #14 was first due on-scene reporting the fire had extended across hundreds of acres. Fire crews were dispatched overnight for structure protection and for life-safety activities. State mobe was approved early this morning.

Franklin County Fire District #3’s SE Strike Team just returned last Sunday for some much needed rest after working long hours and tirelessly in Lyle Hills (Klickitat County) and on the Red Apple Fire incidents. The Strike Team consisted of Strike Team Leader from Benton Co. 4 and Walla Walla FD. Engines from Benton Co. 1 & 2, Walla Walla Co. 4, Columbia Co. 3, College Place FD and Franklin Co. 3.

Just in case… Do you know what to do if you get an evacuation notice vs order? What must be done for each Evacuation Order for each Level?

May be an image of fire, outdoors, tree and text that says 'Do you know what the wildfire evacuation levels mean? *Remember Ready, Set, Go!* LEVEL1 "Be Ready" Be aware of the current danger & monitor media. Assemble emergency items. Make preparationsfor relocating family members, pets, and livestock. LEVEL2 "Be Set" Pack your emergency items. Know your evacuation route. Voluntary evacuate or be ready to leave at moment's notice. LEVEL3 "GO!" Leave immediately! Look for info on resources and support. Continue to monitor media. information go to ready.gov/wildfires For'

They have now been dispatched to this new this wildfire under approved State mobe as mutual aid resources. A Type 3 IMT is on order.

This new wildfire appears to been lightning caused and said to be over 1,300 acres with an unknown containment status. Fire behavior is very active with a high rate of spread, spotting and making runs.

Incident Cooperators: Whitman County, Asotin County FD1, City of Clarkston FD, Pullman FD, Whitman County and Franklin Co FD3.

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