FAIRBANKS, ALASKA (USA) — Firefighters from the City of Fairbanks FD and mutual fire agencies were dispatched on the afternoon of Friday, December 8, 2021, to a large working commercial fire at the derelict and abandoned building formerly the home of the Coin King Laundromat.

Credit | Toledo FD (OH) FF/Medic Joe Buehrer (visiting from out of town)

The building had been boarded up but several transient people were occupying the building.

The fire was located in the 500 block of Gaffney Road.

At some point during the fire, two occupants were able to self-evacuate from the structure, while another was assisted outside of a window by a Medic One crew.

Eight companies were faced with deteroiating fire conditions as they breached the front entrance and find the fire conditions growing progressively worse. They were faced with transitioning into defensive fire operations temporarily then switching back over to an offensive fire operation.

Credit | Red Cross of Alaska

Firefighters saved the exposure building, a Soup Kitchen next door.

A primary search was conducted by firefighters and deemed the building to have an all-clear, with no additional civilians being found inside the structure.

Firefighter REHAB rehydration services were provided volunteers with the American Red Cross of Alaska, where they provided hot beverages and snacks to First Responders on-scene, a much-needed resource for any Fire Department.

A Fire Marshal was on the scene yesterday but no final word has been released as to the cause of the fire.

No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported.

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