Published 12/11/2021 0234 PT – Update 1

KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON — Firefighters were dispatched to an early morning blaze on Saturday, December 11, 2021, to the 1300 block of West Newton Street, Seattle, Washington at 0048 hours PT.

Credit | SFD

Units dispatched to the scene were A5, AIR10, B2, B4, DEP1, E18, E2, E20, E41, E8, L4, L6, L8, M18, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10. A second alarm was requested at 0147 hours PT, bringing an additional three resources.

Significant events occurred during this fire operation.

  • Scaffolding on Floor 2 wobbling caused a hazard for all firefighters working on the fire ground, which prompted Command to set a Collapse zone.
  • Collapse zone was 1.5 times of the building height then reduced.
  • Fire began spreading throughout the building then through the roof.
  • Windows had to be broken out by crews to get water on the fire.
  • A second alarm during the incident.
  • A ladder pipe began operating around 0224 hours PT. (on the Alpha/Bravo side).
  • A metro bus was requested for Firefighter rehab.
  • Fire was wind-driven with winds coming out of the South, would then die down.
  • The incident clock was stopped at 0154 hours PT.
  • PAR was conducted and all members were accounted for.
  • Fire building – Was being fought as a defensive fire with no entry. 360* completed and collapse zone.

Firefighters were finding that this fire would be burning slowly for quite some time. This is due to be a long-duration incident. You can check our tweets on our *Live Coverage* on our Twitter page @nwfireblog Check back for more updates on this incident.

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