Published 1/9/2022 1830 hours PT, Sunday


One of our favorite places to travel to, is small-town feel Ellensburg located in the eastern portion of the State where we often hang out in a nearby location to watch to see if WA DNR’s rotors are flying or outside their quarters to be captured in time.

An orange plow on a snowy street.
Credit: City of Ellensburg

However, today, we are home safe and away from all of the chaotic snow mountainous activities. We would love to go up there but since passes are somewhat still closed – we will just wait until the coast is clear.

Here is what is happening in Ellensburg, located in Kittitas County, Washington.


The City is currently clearing massive amounts of unprecedented piles of snow berms, roadways, and from sidewalks. Graders, front-end loaders, and other pieces of equipment have been seen around town. Employees are working around the clock to clear snow as quickly as possible.

Crews will finish snow removal operations early next week.

City Hall with snow
Credit: City of Ellensburg

The City would like to remind drivers:

“If a road looks like it’s not accessible or hasn’t been plowed yet, avoid driving on it if possible. The large snow berms in the middle of the streets will eventually get picked up. Emergency services are still online. Please call 911 for emergencies. Stay off the roads if you can.” – City of Ellensburg


On Friday, January 7th, the Central Transit (bus service) had suspended all services. The City and HopeSource were working together to clear all bus stops and shelters cleared of snow, so the service could resume on Saturday.

Credit: CWU Emergency Management


Truck drivers trying to move freight have found themselves stuck in Ellensburg due to snow and road closures.

They have been stuck in the last three to five days and will get their opportunity at moving once again as Snoqualmie Pass has been reopened this evening at 1700 hours. They are considered priority traffic to help get the economy moving again.


Was your home damaged by snow and ice? Check out FEMA’s Disaster Assistance by either 1) going online, 2) go to the FEMA app or 3) call FEMA for assistance. Here is a PSA flyer for further assistance.

Credit: FEMA Region 10

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