UPDATE 2 – 2/16/2022 – 2022 PT

Firefighters were dispatched to the Everett Golf and Country Club this evening at 2004 hours PT, for a working fire in a commercial structure.

Fire Command was assumed by Battalion 1 and designated as “Country Club Command”. This is a Level 1 fire response.

Units dispatched include A2, A6, B1, B25, E11, E12, E2, E25, E4, E7, L10, L48, M1, M11, MSO5.

Workers had evacuated the structure safely and were said to be no longer in the building. No guests were in the building.

The fire was contained to the dryer unit which was producing a lot of smoke in the laundry room in the basement. Water was being put on the dryer to cool it while other firefighters were sent to the upper floor checking for an extension.

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