Update 1 – June 12, 2022, Sunday, 1208 PT

The Tonto Canyon Fire is located on Manzanita Mountain and has prompted the deployment of fire assets to be deployed to the area this morning at 1030 hours.

Fire Fact | There are currently 100 Type 6 engines deployed in the Southwest Area (SWA). (Source: gacc.nifc.gov)

Currently, the fire has burned 30 acres and is still considered active, with a zero containment status.

RED FLAG Warnings in Effect:

Northwest Arizona

From 1100 – 2000 PDT/MST Sunday — Strong winds and low humidity for southern Nevada and Northwestern Arizona per the Las Vegas Office.

Additionally, west-southwestern winds are expected across the region today with gusts in excess of 40 mph. Afternoon relative humidities continue to dip into the single digits each afternoon – increasing the risk of a fire starting and spreading. Gusty conditions persist in northwestern Arizona on Monday. Winds will fall back to general afternoon breeziness from Tuesday onward – easing fire danger concerns.

(Source: Las Vegas Office)

North-Northeast Arizona

From 1100 to 2000 MST, this evening due to strong winds and low RH for the Yavapai Mountains – Coconino and Kaibab Plateaus, as well the Little Colorado River Valley, per the Flagstaff Office.

Additionally, Hot and dry conditions will continue today. Gusty southwesterly winds with peak gusts of 30-45 mph are expected this afternoon. A Red Flag Warning remains in effect for portions of northern Arizona due to the stronger winds and low humidity. Even stronger winds are forecast for Monday – with a Red Flag Warning in effect for all of northern Arizona Monday.

(Source: Flagstaff Office)

Central (Southwest) Arizona

Extreme temperatures are expected once again today across the lower deserts with highs peaking between 110-115 degrees – presenting a high to very high heat risk. There is a slight chance (less than 10%) of an isolated dry thunderstorm developing this afternoon across southern Gila County.

A cool-down in temperatures is expected by Monday with highs falling back below 110 degrees. MinRHs through the first half of the week will range between 7-15% with overnight recoveries between 25-40%. Light winds are expected through the morning hours with breezy conditions expected this afternoon with gusts of between 20-25 mph across most places.

Stronger wind gusts are likely across the western districts into Southeast California late this afternoon into the early evening – where gusts could exceed 30 mph at times. Stronger winds are expected Monday afternoon with widespread gusts of 25-35 mph – elevating the fire danger threat to near-critical threat across the higher terrain of south-central Arizona – where a Red Flag Warning is in effect.

(Source: Phoenix Office).

Southeast Arizona

Isolated thunderstorms are possible again this afternoon before drier weather returns Monday through Wednesday. West to northwest breeze is expected today and Monday – with local and brief critical fire weather conditions possible in the Gila Valley area where the winds will be the strongest. A significant increase in moisture is expected Thursday into the weekend resulting in scattered showers and thunderstorms along with wetting rains and higher humidity levels.

(Source: Tucson Office)

Southwest Coordination Center

Weather summary: Overall very hot & dry today with widely scattered – mainly dry thunderstorms over the mountains of eastern AZ and western NM. Heat and storm activity to shift gradually east & diminish through early next week – as critically windy & dry conditions sweep across the northern half of the area from late SUN>TUE. Less windy and not as hot by midweek – before heat rebuilds across AZ while moisture surges W/NW…potentially across the NM/AZ border by the weekend.

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