In the last 24 hours, Alaska has seen approximately 14 new wildfire incidents, with seven of them being large fires, according to the National Interagency Fire Center, based in Boise, Idaho. Currently, there is one Type 2 IMT committed to ongoing fires in this area.

This Sit Rep (Update) is for Friday, June 10, 2022.


Galena Zone – BLM

The Galena Zone has one wildfire burning under the incident name of the EAST FORK FIRE located 25 miles northeast of St. Mary’s, Alaska. It is under the management of the AK Green Team, an IMT 2 unit.

Fire behavior has been reported as extreme with wind-driven runs and isolated torching. Structures are currently being threatened.

Tanana Zone – BLM

This Zone has one fire burning called the HOG BUTTE FIRE, which is located about 21 miles northwest of Telida, Alaska.

Fire fuels include timber and grass. Fire behavior has been observed as active with backing.

Southwest Area – Alaska DOF

Several wildfires are burning in this zone which includes the incidents listed separately below:

IOWITHLA RIVER FIRE is burning about 17 miles northeast of Dillingham, Alaska in timber and brush. Fire has been observed as having behavior that is active with smoldering, creeping, and backing. 1,200 acres. 0% contained. No resources were assigned to this incident.

PIKE CREEK FIRE is located about 50 miles northwest of Newhalen, Alaska in timber and brush. Its fire behavior has been active with crowning activities. 3,000 acres with 0% containment status. No resources are shown as assigned to this wildfire.

DOOR MOUNTAIN FIRE is considered a new incident in the last 24 hours as reported to the NIFC which is about 25 miles southwest of Lime Village, Alaska. At this time, the fire is burning in timber and brush with active fire behavior with creeping and backing. 250 acres, 0% contained. No resources are attached to this incident.

KOKTULI RIVER FIRE is located 49 miles northwest of Newhalen, Alaska in hardwood litter with active fire behavior with torching and long-range spotting. 3,000 acres with 0% containment status. No resources were deployed.

KIKNIK FIRE is near the DOOR MOUNTAIN FIRE, about 66 miles southwest of Lime Village in timber and brush. Active fire behavior with creeping, back, and running has been reported. 1.200 with 0% containment. No resources were assigned.

TITNUK CREEK FIRE is one of several burning in the Southwest Area and being managed by the Alaska Department of Forestry is located 64 miles from Lime Village and near other wildfires. It has active fire behavior with creeping, backing, and single-tree torching. 2,200 acres. 0% contained. No resources were assigned.

DUMMY CREEK FIRE is the last fire in this update which is located 35 miles northwest of Port Alsworth, Alaska with moderate fire behavior with smoldering, creeping, and back in timber and brush. 300 acres. 0% contained.

Source: NIFC

HARDSCRABBLE CREEK FIRE is located on state lands and was detected by a detection flight 208W on June 9, 2022. This is an active fire that is currently creeping, backing, torching, and has short-range spotting. It was determined to have started on June 9th and is currently around 150 acres. There are no risks currently under threat nor any evacuations in effect at this time. The cause is unknown.

BOLGEN CREEK FIRE is located eight miles south-southwest of Circle, Alaska which ignited from an unknown human cause on June 9th. The Lead Agency is the Danzhit Hanlaii Corporation and lands are owned by AKDHCN. It is under full suppression objectives and was last listed as 1.5 acres. There is eight total personnel assigned to this incident.

Source: AK DOF


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