Published 9/17/2022, Saturday, 1142 hours PT

Fire Update 8

The Bolt Fire continues to burn about 1.5 miles north of Skykomish, Washington State, and remains at the same size at 9,440 acres but with an increased 5% containment status according to multiple sources, but the NIFC site is reporting a 62%. We believe this number is incorrect and possibly a typo on their site.

We have reached out to the command team on Facebook to verify this information.

Credit: Bolt Creek Fire Facebook

Fire behavior has been observed as minimal with flanking, backing, and creeping.

There is a total of 463 personnel with eight crews, 39 engines, and three helicopters.

There has been one structure reported originally as damaged and now, as destroyed.

The CTD is $3.8 Million.

Credit: Sky Valley Fire

Evacuation Orders have been changed for today:

Level 1 (Ready): Index – reduced from a Level 2 (Set), and Skykomish remains at the same level.

Level 3 (Go Now): Baring and Grotto, areas along US 2 to MP 48 (east of the Money Creek tunnel) remain at the same level. FS Road 65 (Beckler River Road) is also included.

Some of the Incident Cooperators assisting with this incident are listed below are also deployed Washington State Mobe resources:

Sky Valley Fire

U.S. Forest Service

WA State DNR Fire

Bolt Creek Fire (Communications, Socials)

CEDR Digital Corps


Snohomish County DEM

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

King County Sheriff’s Office

Credit: Bolt Creek Fire Info Facebook Page

While firefighters work this morning to extinguish the wildfire, WSDOT employees are working to stabilize the steep and rocky hillside in an order to keep now falling trees and rock debris down onto US Hwy 2 and in front of the Money Creek tunnel.

Due to the severity of the wildfire and burning everything in its path, it has weakened the earth and sending it downhill. WSDOT and Fire Officials are working together to help create a safer environment for both firefighters and future drivers on this stretch of roadway.

Other area partners are also working to clear hazards in their established infrastructure areas. Some of these partners include Puget Sound Energy and Bonneville Power.

Credit: Snohomish County FD4

This is one of the reasons why fire and DOT cannot open up the highway. This is not only dangerous for firefighting resources but DOT and the motoring public. – Ed.

Closures include the following:

  • Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest around the fire perimeter
  • US Hwy 2: east of the junction of Index-Galena Road
  • US Hwy 2: to the junction of 5th Street north into the town of Skykomish

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