NEW! BEING MONITORED: BRUNNER HILL FIRE: WA DNR Fire Officials are currently monitoring this wildfire which broke out on Monday in the 27000 block of NE 42nd Circle. Resources were dispatched at 1527 hours PDT where 0.25 of an acre of grass has been scorched. This is an open and active incident. Incident #: PCS-30. Dispatch Center: WA – PCS.

CONTAINED: CARPENTER SPOT FIRE. Firefighters were dispatched to a wildfire on Carpenter Road this morning at 0947 hours in Stevens County. This fire is listed as active but not showing any acreage burned, resources, or current status in the system. Incident #: NES-1160, BVG-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

(left) Stock Photo by NWFB

CONTAINED: LEMANSKY SOUTH FIRE. At 1145 hours, firefighters were dispatched to North Lemansky Road in Okanogan County and arrived on the scene at 1330 hours. They put out the grass and shrubbery 1.7-acre wildfire. Resources: C7140, E691 and HI7106. Incident #: NES-1161 ANZ-221 P6FAX6 0621. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

NEWLY CONTAINED: PINES FIRE. The Pines Fire ignited on Sunday and resources were dispatched at 2000 hours after we had our last update. Less than one acre of timber and understory were consumed in the Pines Road area. It would be quickly contained right at the time resources were arriving. It was brought under control at 2030 hours PT. Incident #NES-1164, AOC-221. Dispatch Center: WA – NEC.

PATROL STATUS: RIVERLANE FIRE. The ignition of the Riverlane Fire was located on West Riverview Lane in Stevens County, sent local and state fire resources and equipment to the area, where approximately one acre of grass and shrub were consumed. State firefighters were deployed through the Comm Center at 0039 hours. In patrol status. Incident #: NES-1159, ANY-222. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

PATROL STATUS: SAND CREEK FIRE. Stevens County was touched by the Sand Creek Fire which prompted State Firefighters to be dispatched at 1439 hours PDT to the area on Sand Creek Road to respond. Less than one acre of grass, timber understory was burned. The incident was left in patrol status. Incident #NES-1162, A0A-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

CONTAINED: TORBOY FIRE. The Torboy Fire broke out on Torboy Road in Ferry County today, prompting resources to be dispatched at 1801 hours PDT which included HI 26 and HI7109. Arriving on the scene at 1926 hours, they would contain the fire at 2017 hours. They held the fire to one acre of grass and shrubs being burned. Incident #NES-1163, A0B-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

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